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Planning Healthy and Safe Environments

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The main factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments are; •Risk assessment; a risk assessment is a process that identifies and assesses the importance of risk in a situation and then assesses the measures that control it. A risk assessment should be undertaken before a planned outdoor learning experience, and the main findings recorded. •Contact details; you should always make sure that you have up to date emergency contact numbers, for all staff and children attending the outdoor excursion.

Medical; you should always make sure that any medical requirements are set in place, for example, inhalers, sickness tablets etc… Also take with you the first aid kit. •The age of children being taken off premises should be noted as the ratio of adult:child differs on age, for example more adults will be needed per child at 4/5 years than 10/11 year old. If it an indoor environment then you need to take into account; •The size of room for the amount of children to work safely in.

•Whether or not it is a safe environment for any disability i. e wheel chair, walker etc. •If it is a kitchen, set out rules for children, such as utensil use, near cooker when lit, what happens if emergency etc. General behaviour when near hot appliances. Monitoring and maintaining health and safety makes others in school aware of risks, hazards and safe working. Health and safety are monitored and maintained by doing daily health checks, updating children files and checking materials for currency.

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Planning Healthy and Safe Environments

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Parents and teachers having open Communication, and parents informing teachers of children medical conditions and updates and exposures. The use of sign in badges for visitors are used also anybody working in a school environment has to have a C. R. B check before entering. There is also a Health and Safety policy which is followed and regularly updated. Also there is a use of caution signs to let others know of spillage, danger to health etc.

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