Comparing the Nutrition and Menu Diversity of Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts

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Assignment 3 Prepare the EFE matrix for KKD Prepare the EFE matrix for Sturbucks Compare KKD, Dunkin Doughnuts and Starbucks STURBUCKS DUNKIN DOUGHNUTS What kind of nutrition is important? The above chart compared calories. For some people, they want less fat or sugar. Usually the items that are lower in fat tend to be higher in sugar and carbohydrates (and vise versa). Some of these foods offer no other nutritional value like fiber and protein. You need to assess what you are most concerned with. If your goal is to eat less than you burn each day, calories is your bottom line.

As you can see, Starbucks is not necessarily healthier than D&D, despite strategic marketing. Of all the comparisons done, Starbucks only came out on top three times. You might think that a "smoothie" is better than a "coolatta" , but the facts state otherwise. Menu Diversity between Dunkin and Sturbucks Dunkin' is the winner simply because many of its Dunkin' Donut stores are also paired with Baskin-Robbins ice cream stores, since Dunkin' group also owns the Baskin-Robbins chain. But Starbucks' has improved its menu as of late, and it is reaching to an entirely demographic than ice cream and donuts.

So while Dunkin' may win on diversity of product because of Baskin-Robbins, Starbucks probably still has the most redeeming menu from a profitability and sustainability perspective. COMPARING DUNKIN DONUTS AND KRISPY KREMES 1. Overall Customer Service Dunkin Donuts – Honestly the staff at the Dunkin Donuts location always leaves a lot to be desired, the greetings do not exist, the appreciation for choosing them to do business with does not exist and most importantly the sense of urgency to resolve customer complaints does not exist either.

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This is based on interaction with at least five different Dunkin Donuts employees. Krispy Kremes I have only dealt with one associate each of the three times I have been to the local Krispy Kremes location. The first occassion the associate lacked any excitement, no initial greeting in the door and no “Thanks” at the end of the trip. The second time I went in (a week later), the employee was no different than the first time I was in there, hardly anything to brag about.

On my third visit the Krispy Kremes employee was a little more friendly than the two previous times, again nothing to jump up and down about. 2. In Stock Condition Dunkin Donuts – If you have not had a chance to read my “Dunkin Donuts? Doubt it” post I suggest that you do, that will clearly explain my previous six trips to Dunkin Donuts. To put it simply, they never have any donuts when we go there (see the picture below). I actuallt stopped at Dunkin Donuts today to get two Ice Coffee’s and two Fruit Blasts or whatever they are called, it’s like some icey thing.

When I placed my order for two of those, the response I received was “We don’t have that” and that’s it. Safe to say this particular Dunkin Donuts, just doesn’t have it. Krispy Kremes – Krispy Kremes not only had the donuts we wanted, but they had an abundance of them as well as donuts we didn’t want. The display case was packed with donuts. I have also ordered the Krispy Kremes version of a Berry Fruit Blast as well, which was in stock every single time we ordered it over the three week period. 3. Freshness of Donuts

Dunkin Donuts – You know it’s been so long since I have actually had a Dunkin Donuts “Donut” due to the fact that they never have the donuts we want in stock when we go. What I do remember about my recent trips to Dunkin Donuts that actually ended with me getting donuts is that the donuts were hardly fresh when we got them. Krispy Kremes – If I were a Dunkin Donuts franchise manager or corporate associate I would be highly concerned, hands down Krispy Kremes donuts are more fresh when you get them.

In addition we ordered three times the amount of donuts on each visit to Krispy Kremes than we did at Dunkin Donuts when we did actually get donuts. 4. Coffee Taste Dunkin Donuts – It’s probably a good time for Dunkin Donuts to change their name to Dunkin Coffee, their donut product is a wreck at my local location, Im not sure about others. if it were not for the coffee at Dunkin Donuts it’s safe to say I would never go to a Dunkin Donuts again. Now if Dunkin Donuts could get their staff to understand “Double Cream and Double Sugar” I would be sold on going there just for the coffee when I am in the mood.

It’s just too bad Double Cream and Double sugar at my local Dunkin Donuts is more like 1/2 cream 1/2 sugar. Krispy Kremes – I have tried on all three occassions to get myself to believe that I was just as satisfied with the Krispey Kremes Ice Coffee’s as I am with the Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee’s, sadly thats just not true. The Krispy kremes coffee’s are smaller, when packed with ice it really doesn’t give you a decent amount of coffee. The taste also does not come close to Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee or Hot coffee drinks.

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