Information System Strategic Planning: Strategic Thrust and Market Entry

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Planning skills are essential in the business milieu as they play a central role in ensuring achievement of organizational goals and objectives. There are numerous planning strategies which organizations employ in their systems but the two most commonly used are strategic thrust and market entry. Strategic thrust entails statements of strategic measures to be carried out in the planning horizon while market entry strategy entails delivery and distribution of goods and services to a specific market.

Statements for strategic thrust ensure that independent activities work in harmony and sufficient energy is concentrated on critical aspects in the market. Its primary objective is to generate an extensive and collective understanding of the strategic measures to be carried out in a p of between three to five years. Strategic thrust focuses mainly on linking business strategy with information technology. Information technology constitutes a vital competitive weapon hence making it essential in the realization of competitive edge.

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Unlike strategic thrust which focuses on strategic information systems, market entry focuses on ensuring that products perform well and are adequately received in new markets. To achieve increased sales and business stability, market entry strategy employs several methods which are inclusive of producing own products, exporting products, forming alliances and franchising. In addition to that, it takes into account numerous factors in evaluating viability of a particular market. Such factors include barriers, competition intensity, government policies, and products and services to be sold.

In conclusion, despite the two planning strategies encompassing different approaches, to some extent, they are complimentary. Strategic thrust and market entry can be utilized as offensive or defensive measures intended for specific targets. They can be directed towards suppliers, customers or even competitors with the main objective being attaining and maintaining business stability. In addition to that, depending on the resources available, the two can be used simultaneously since they employ approaches which are not contradictory.

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