Memmoradum and the business table

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The information system that is critical to the business of the organization is such as the first point is of the strategic position for marketing.  The company is located in a fashionable shopping center and its stores are well stocked. For any kind of business it is a customer oriented and for this case the position on which the organization is located gives itself a work over against the other existing organization with the same subsidies. More so the company being divided into departments gives room for the view of the displayed varieties of the foods hence the higher probability of having the good sales.

The second is about the History start up of the company; the company started up with its own existence of the plan. First the plan was scheduled before even the establishment of the company. The company plan helps to keep the business aligned towards achieving its goals and indeed it did since so far it has opened three shops.

Third is of Purchases: the company has got the purchasing procedures in place though there is no purchasing department. The managers in the three stores attain purchasing easily; they determine the store requirements directly to the suppliers making them to obtain the best price, quality and delivery as soon as possible.

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Advertisements on the local newspapers on the special offers on the three stores simultaneously provide the best coordination on marketing leading to good sales. Also there exists the shifts where the merchandise can be shifted between the stores should one store have the higher demand of an item than another store hence time permitting.

Accounting data collected by the point of the sale terminals, which are used to check the records of all the items, quantities, prices, taxes and the totals for all daily sales transactions.

The company manages its inventory accurately as it maintains high customer service levels by carrying higher level of the inventory. This ensures the company not to run short of a certain item in the stock.  The company is focused on what to carry in future and how to carry giving it a big challenge. The historical data collected gives an overview on what to carry out and how in the future.

Finally is on how the company selects its merchandise and the pricing to provide the total customer satisfaction. This can be attained by identifying something new gourmets of high demand and then providing it  to the customers.


1. Information System for a Business Organization By K. Thomas (1998)


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