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Medicine and City Life

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In addition, in a big city you can enjoy the best service and entertainment. Because there are many rich people here, they can invest much money to get the best for them. Lives in a big city are quite luxurius but you don’t have to be worried when you are sick or suffer a disease because there you can find good doctors for you, as long as you have much money.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Village Life and City Life Sometime you may be think, the city life is better than village life.

However there are so many advantages and disadvantages in city life and village life. Actually the city life is more comfortable. As well as there are more opportunities for people to progress in their lives. There are a lot of facilities for people in the city and they have more opportunities for making money. When a person falls ill there are good government and private hospital in the city to get treatment. There are large shop complexions, banks, offices, cinemas, hostels, clubs, hospitals etc. in and around the city.

People in the city have better transport facilities than the village. More and better medical facilities: In a city people get more and better medical facilities than the people of village. In a city there are more hospitals and clinics . there are more qualified doctors in a city. In city you can find different health facilities like different government and private hospitals , but in village you cannot find more health facilities. ’ the town areas provide people with better facilities as far as health services are concerned.

Cities also provide ample medical facilities. In every city, there are good hospitals in which the poor get free medicines and treatment. Many well-qualified private doctors are also there to serve the sick and the suffering. Lack of such medical arrangement is a drawback of villages. the city to be better in the long run as there is better access to health care facilities and quick availability of round the clock emergency services. However, the kind of health