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At 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital, our organizational arrangement includes the following services: Informational Services, Therapeutic Services, Diagnostics Services, Support Services, Administration Services, Informational Services, is formed by the business people who run the hospital and includes hospital administrators. They manage and oversee the operation of departments, oversee budgeting and finance, establish hospital policies and procedures, and perform public relation duties (Institute of Medicine 2005). Informational Services In many operations, and is an inclusive, incorporated information system planned to accomplish all the features of a hospital's procedure, such as financial, administrative, corresponding processing of services, legal issues, medical, administrative, and legal issues and the corresponding processing of services.

The therapeutic services pathway contains occupations intensive chiefly on variable the health status of patients completed time thorough treatment, counseling, health education information, or direct care. Diagnostic Services the establishment of well-timed, cost-effective, and high-quality diagnostic care in safe and protected atmospheres. It includes the clinical services of Laboratory, Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and Pathology.

Support Services in Hospital Management. However, a hospital, changed departments are responsible for providing the stages of service that make a hospital run from equipment distribution, linens, biomed/clinical engineering environmental services, equipment distribution, facilities and many others. Administration Services responsibilities include ordering, maintaining employee records, budgeting, ordering medical supplies. Everything should be complete in a timely manner. Hospital information system in many Operations, and HIS is a comprehensive, combined information system considered to accomplish all the features of a hospital's procedure, such as administrative, financial, medical, corresponding processing of services and legal issues.

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Provide a detailed hypothetical mission and value statement for the hospital. Provide a rationale for the development of your mission and value statement. The mission for 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital is to improve the good health of the public through high quality compassionate patient care, education, discovery and innovation. At 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital mission is to notice the value of each induvial which are control by the commitment to leadership and excellence. Therefore, 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital reveal this by giving emotional and spiritual care, exemplary physical, care for all patients and their loves one.

Continued being dedication to the care of the families who are unfortunate and those that are in need the most in the community. Forming a work territory where every individual is valued respected and has a chance for professional growth and personal (Hospital Mission Statements. (2017, September 11). Proceed high quality in health services education. Encouraging a humanity of all activities and assist in exemplary healt science research. Having strong connection with colleges, universities, hospital agencies and our community. Reveal leadership using the resources.

“The commitment of our staff, physicians, volunteers, students, community partners and friends to our mission permits us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring, which are the hallmarks of 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital”.

Value statement the patient care will be health without exception, kind and attentive, wise in the use of resources and high quality and compassionate above all. Outline a detailed feasibility plan for the hiring of nurses, physicians, and allied professionals. Provide a rationale for the chosen plan and explain the main reasons why the plan in question would be suitable for use with different health care professionals.

“In acute care hospitals, individuals in potential transformational leadership roles range from board-level chairmen and directors; to chief executive, operating, nursing, and medical officers; through the hierarchy to unit managers. In nursing homes, such leadership can come from a facility's owners, administrator, director of nursing, and unit managers. Leadership by these senior organization managers and oversight boards is essential to accomplishing the breadth of organizational change needed to achieve higher levels of patient safety—changes in management practices, workforce deployment, work design and flow, and the safety culture of the organization.”

21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital will consume a Human Resource Information System for entirely employment requirements. Each candidate resolves go over a pre-employment repeat that contains of labor history and references. If the references are labeled unacceptable, it could affect in refusal. Each individually request will determination be measured created on the staffs work past, skill and ability to achieve the important job purposes. We will determination excellent the greatest skilled applicant for each place. When a position is accepted it determination will be announced on the hospital's website for two days or more.

Human Resources will monitor candidates and documentation on succeeding ones to the hiring supervisor. The hiring supervisor will position together a section of three workers for the conference procedure. When the interviews are done and a candidate is nominated, the hiring manager obligation to intent to hire into Human Resource Information System and inform Human Resource, they must contain the interview minutes. They as well obligation placed in Human Resources Information System to the suitable recruiter why the other candidates were not selected.

However, the recruiter’s job to notify those candidates they continued not selected whichever one through phone call or e-mail. All workers are obligation appear to new employee orientation which will be for two days and a half day. Before the orientation the employees will have two references check perfect a criminal background check and perfect a drug screening. The reference checks will be completed by Human resources or the hiring supervisor and retained in the Human Resources folder. The drug screen must be finished in 48 hours of the qualified job offer. If the candidate lives around the area, they will have 64 hours to complete it at an acceptable site.

When hired all employees will be being verified for TB and must have immunization records to show employee health. If the staff is a certified employee member the hospital will use main source for confirmations. Therefore, everyone will be treated equally at the 21st Century Health Hospital. However, 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital have a new hiring process that will be suitable for all health care candidate( Pozgar, G. D., & Santucci, N. M. 2016). The recruitment procedure will remain the same for physicians, nurses, and all associated professionals. Most of the medical personnel will have to acquire or currently is licensed within our state. As a result, our verification procedure is standard protocol for every employee and will not shift from new hire to new hire. If there is a stability of our human resource policies and processes, there should not be an inquiry of favoritism.

Provide a summative table of some pros and cons of using information technology in an era of networking and security breaches.

The technology to increases patient services at 21st Century Solution Health Care Hospital in most of the hospital information technology is highly important in hospitals. Therefore, 21st Century Health Care Hospital use electronic medical records to help with expanding patient services. By having Electronic Medical Records it’s easier to have access to patient records. You will have to access patient information through Release of Information at business hour at 8:00 to 5:00 every day through Monday Thru Friday., This happen only when you are having service at other hospital or doctor's office. All the patient information is on file where your primary doctors is at. When you check out at the front desk the unit clerk will give you information on your visit that day.

The 21st Century Health Care Hospital will inform you of your diagnoses that visit, discharge medication, allergies, problems and health issues active, procedures if you had any that visit, immunization that visit, vitals and measurement, laboratory, upcoming scheduled appointment, orders, and patients' instructions. Everything the patients have from previous Emergency Room Visit Doctors visit is on power chart the doctors can access this information anytime you do no need permission from the patient because the patient is at the facility. If the patient goes to another hospital, they will need a consent from the patient to retrieve their Electronic Medical Records. 21st Century Health Care Hospital, Medical Records always be open 24 hours every day. To help patient who need their medical records after hours.

Medical Records paper have been around for a long time. Therefore, in record -keeping in the past ancillary staff and clinicians would have the document on the facility based on paper medical records. Nurses that been around for a long time will remember the procedures of finding medical records, vital signs. Back in history you can only write with black ink pens any other color was forbidden. If someone made an error in the in the documentation the nurses will have to draw a single line through with initials. Electronic medical records have some pro and cons.

The Pros of electronic medical records:

  • Improved accessibility: EMRs allow members of the healthcare team to access pertinent parts of the medical record easily.
  • Standardization: EMRs promote standard record-keeping to include staff and physician notes, assessment findings, and ordering processes.
  • Reduction of errors: This is probably the most significant benefit of electronic medical records. Computerized physician ordering has helped reduce errors related to misinterpreted handwriting and transcription errors.
  • Improved efficiency: EMRs allow for quicker documentation, which can benefit patients needing rapid treatment.

The Cons of electronic medical records:

  • Reduced oversight: Sometimes it's easy to click a button or enter shortcuts to reduce charting time.
  • Technical malfunctions: Any healthcare worker can attest to the crippling effect of technical difficulties with EMRs. Cost: Electronic medical record programs are expensive-in the millions. Organizations must purchase the software and train hundreds of staff in its use.
  • Less patient interaction: This is a significant complaint among both patients and providers.
  • Increased virtual work: To piggyback on the point above, providers may argue that their workload has increased with the advent of EMRs.

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