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The City Life and the Country Life

Living area has always been a hotly discussed topic. Each person has their own preferences for staying in either a city, or the countryside. The typical differences between the city life and the country life will be soundly presented in this piece of paper.

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A city life differs from a country life in term of food and intellectual stimulation. To begin with, living in the city offers you various kinds of food. Cities are supposed to be the biggest food markets, therefore chefs do not have to travel far to get the oversea ingredients.

Moreover, the city is certain to provide more facilities needed for intellectual stimulation than the countryside. Some of the major ones include modern technologies in universities, the diversity of books and magazines in libraries and bookstores, the enormous number of artworks in galleries and museums… On the other hand, the country life contrasts with the city life regarding food and intellectual stimulation. Citizens in the countryside areas might not have a long list of foods, but they can guarantee that what they have been eating is totally safe because it is self-produced.

More interestingly, many people consider the countryside an ideal place for educating a cultured person. Since it does not have as many amenities as the city, life in the country brings up more contemplative peace and quietness. One would have more time interact with himself, without being distracted by the outside elements as in a city. In brief, there are remarkable differences in food and intellectual stimulation between a city life and a country life. I highly recommend that you should consider my essay to make an appropriate decision on which area is the most suitable for yourself.

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