City Center Las Vegas: A Lavish, Sustainable, and Expensive Addition to the City

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City Center, Las Vegas is made up of multiple skyscrapers with contemporary designs. The inside is just as lavish as the outside, where world famous artists have put in there own tweeks and installations to make City Center one of a kind. Combined City Center has 2,400 condominium and condo hotel units and approximately 4,800 hotel rooms. They are all distributed within several high rise and mid rise towers around the "CRYSTALS" retail and entertainment district. The multi use project is designed with green technologies to make it one of the world's largest environmentally sustainable urban communities.

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Private investors had to dish out 11 Billion dollars for the funding to build this extravagant addition to Las Vegas. City Center’s opening will boost Las Vegas economy when the country gets back on its feet after the economic collapse. Right now at least 50% of the 12,000 employees are only working part-time which means when business picks up more people will be getting paid and that puts money straight into Las Vegas businesses. I did the research about what materials were used to build this massive project and this is what I found: FACILITY • 7,000 guest rooms across 5 separate buildings City Center resort & casino will tower 60 stories • 165,000 sq ft casino • 70,000 sq ft spa • 2,000 sq ft theatre PROJECT SCOPE Hollow Metal Doors, Hollow Metal Frames, Architectural Wood Doors, Architectural Hardware, Rolling Steel Doors, Architectural Mouldings and Trim. Project Owner: MGM Mirage General Contractor: Perini Construction Architect: HKS Architects, Inc. Project Amount: $9. 8 Billion Completion Date: December 2009 60% of the remains of the former hotel that occupied the lot, The Boardwalk hotel, were used for the construction of the project.

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