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Marketing Strategy for Deluxe Chips’ new product line

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The target consumer for Deluxe Chips’ new product line is 35 – 50 years old. The tag line for these products would be “you need not compromise on taste anymore”. It will be marketed as a snack for the middle-aged which not only satisfies one’s taste-buds but also helps maintain good health. The consumers which would most certainly be well aware of the brand Deluxe Chips will eagerly accept the treat.

The market analyst will identify the retail stores which are frequently visited by middle aged consumers. Then we will do a survey to find out the food habits of those consumers. Accordingly, the right product will be positioned in the right neighborhood. Also, we will compare the fat, cholesterol and food value of other similar products available in the market and advertise our superior quality. We would give away free samples to middle aged consumers in gymnasiums and sports clubs.

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Marketing Strategy for Deluxe Chips’ new product line

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. Explain what additional value you as an OPD professional might offer a company in terms of sales and marketing. I would talk to the target consumers and understand their psychology. Then I would tell the marketing team what the consumer really needs and how they could sell the product to the consumer better. Success of marketing depends on consumer needs and behavior. So, understanding the consumer is the highest priority for every manufacturer these days.

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