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Marketing Plan of Julies Bakeshop

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Introduction: It's been years since the Butterball Restaurant was giving birth of their food business. Butterball is a restore- bar food service industry located at the center of Veterans Medical Hospital that caters good delightful and deliciously taste foods to their target customers the Intern Students, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Representatives and especially Walk-ins.

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Marketing Plan of Julies Bakeshop

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. For many years they served to their valued customers the opportunity they got from them was that each customers has a growth segment like for example the Medical Representatives wants a comfortable place for their meetings on their counterpart, the best place to be chosen was the Restaurant of Butterball because of the peaceful environment there that they can focus on.

The clients can easily approach to the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of the Butterball Restaurant because one of the promotional strategy of the restaurant is through reservation because of they had a 3 functional room to used for holding any of activities of a clients. As of their financial aspects, Butterball Restaurant estimated net cash for each week is POP,OHO. O and for the whole month is P 80,000. 00. The profit of Butterball Restaurant is Just enough to gave the compensations of its employees and the only reason why the CEO is still holding the business is because he is considering his social accessibility to his subordinates.

It's now seems that Butterball Restaurant may have been overly optimistic but it failed to anticipate several events in its marketing planning. First, when it rainy seasons their profit were decreasing 30% of its net sales that really affect to the expected income. Second, the location was the Butterball Restaurant built off seems that it is not convenient at all but it is "sustain" by the customers and also the ambiance was poor on good looking restaurant unlike others. Lastly, they had poor quality of promotional activities that cannot capture the attention of a customer.

And to resolve their dilemmas or their lacking off on their business and to get a better roadman to their success . We suggests that the company might have done a better job is a key aspect of making a better marketing plan to achieve their objectives including estimating the market opportunity, forecasting sales, determining the marketing programs or an promotional activities , developing and retest the customers good relationship towards the restaurant and ensuring the company's product superiority to their valued customers

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