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Ltd was launched fourteen years ago, which is the UK and Rupee's number one smoothie brand. They sell natural, healthy products in from its smoothies in little bottles and big cartons. The team has grown from 3 to 2000 people who work across Europe (with products available in 15 different countries. They turn over IEEE million each year. Nowadays, innocent is thinking of starting its new business in China.

This marketing plan tends to analyze how innocent get in to the Chinese market and come with some coping strategy. Business Mission Innocent, Ltd is considering entering Chinese market, firstly starting it business in Gudgeon province where is a one of booming market in China. Smoothie is the product that innocent firstly introduce into China. The business Mission is to obtain a successful market share for smoothie in Gudgeon. Target market The target market of Innocent can be mainly divided into 3 group below.

In age: It be focus on aged between aged between 16-40, which are the teenager and adult. According to previous experience, teenagers occupy 30% of the total market and adult take up 70% of our total market. Because the purchasing power of adults is stronger than the teenagers In gender: female customer is more than male. According the survey by CBS, female customers pay more attention to their own health. And a 100% Juice is an ideal way for them to keep healthy. In profession : white collar and student are our major customers. Those people who are busy and need more health.

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SWOT analysts

SWOT analysis is a structured planning method for innocent to assess the strengths.

Weaknesses, Opportunities, which involve identifying the objective of the business venture and analyzing the internal and external factors that are favorable or unfavorable to achieve that goal Marketing mix


In order to enter Chinese product successfully, giving an impressed Chinese name is needed for innocent smoothie, which may produce a positive effect for Chinese customers to remember. Using a creative design that show a health concept is also a must.

Promotion (communication mix) innocent should make creative advertising to impress the customer. We can put in on some famous video website in China, such as Outdo, Yuk or collaborate with some fashionable magazine.

Sale promotion:

Consumer-oriented: Everything innocent makes will always be 100% natural, delicious and nutritional, this is the core that innocent to attract Gudgeon customer.


Running business well and a outstanding brand image in Europe are the reasons to attract middleman.

Public relations:

invite a famous person be to be a spokesman. Read marketing mix Innocent

Regularly holding or participating some public activities to improve their brand mage. Using the accumulated experience in Europe to build up a good relationship with distributors or investors. Personal selling Innocent can arrange some experienced Salespeople to promote its product. In some particular space, for example, gym, business district in Gunshot. Regularly participate in some trade fair to promote its product.

Price. According to the incomes of Chinese customer and the value of our brand. We can set up the price between 15-35 ARM. We can also make a price for product in the rest of methods.

Tired pricing:

we can set a different for product, according to different sizes fruit or function, to name a few Some product product can reduce the price when the fruits in seasons. For example, in October, we can decrease the price of peaches smoothie. In some festival, innocent can provide customers a opportunities to buy one get one free.

Place (Distribution) Channel: Retailer: There are so many retailers that innocent can collaborate in Gudgeon, for example , Seven-Eleven, The Family, Mejia, those retailers have good public praise in selling international product.

Wholesale: establishing a good partnership with supermarkets like Wall-Mart, Tests is the very important, which would be very beneficial for innocent to run business well in Gudgeon. Because it can provide an opportunity for innocent to obtain a big order.

Direct selling:

Shopping on line is booming market in China nowadays. According to a official survey, they are more than 300 millions customers love shopping online, which not only in Gudgeon but also in the whole China. Therefore, selling smoothie on line is good for innocent into the whole Chinese market

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