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The Body Shop Marketing Mix

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Based on the SOOT analysis of Tea Tree Concealed, it mentions that Tea Tree Concealed needs to be more popular and needs to uses the gender segmentation that to enlarge the market with the men's market because the demand of men's cosmetics market is increasing especially of the concealed. Therefore, the marketing objectives are to enhance the promotion of Tea Tree Concealed that can increase 5-10% sales in short term; and in long term, The Body Shop can develop a Men's Tea Tree Concealed to satisfy men's satisfaction of concealed that the concealed can take care about men's face skin.

For the marketing strategies, for short term, the body shop can use promotion tools, such as advertising in Faceable, beauty magazines and promote next to the MAT escalator. Also, the body shop can give general customers 5-10% off discount for buying Tea Tree Concealed. And the PIP can get one more discount after the new product has got 5-10% discount. Moreover, The Body Shop can give out the sample for people like and share the post on The Body Shop's Faceable page, after that show it to the staff, then they can get one sample; and The Body Shop can have corporation with Managing and Watson.

If people consume above $1 50, they can get a sample of The Body Shop. For long term, The Body Shop can use marketing mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion), to increase the sales of Tea Tree Concealed and to open up the men's concealed market, a men's product that calls "Men's Tea Tree Concealed". In product strategy, The Body Shop can put in money on Research & Development, to develop the "Men's Tea Tree Concealed". In pricing strategy, Market-penetration pricing is the company choice on setting price because the tea tree collection of The Body Shop is famous in Hong Kong but the tea tree concealed is not familiar with the

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Marketing Plan for the Body Shop By kinesthesia men. In promotion strategy, The Body Shop can set up a special counter in shops, which is the company promotional product. Some salesperson will promote the new product as men may feel shy to buy make-up product so set up a counter is every shop help the company to find some target. Also, the company will give out some sample if people click 'like' in Faceable fans page and to have video promotional campaign, people who have tried to use our product can Join this competition.

The users have to make a video about the feedback from using new tea tree concealed; he top 10 participants who obtained highest 'like' on their video clips can win $1 500 cash. For the marketing budget, Statement of Comprehensive Income that it is for the Promotion of Tea Tree Concealed & Men's Tea Tree Concealed, it shows that it will have a profit in the end of the promotion of Tea Tree Concealed and also have a profit in develop a Men's Tea Tree Concealed. Contents I Page I 1.


So, we decided that the concealed must produce with organic materials. Finally, y Shop's Tea Tree Concealed, which launched in 2009, NAS been the character in this marketing plan because Tea Tree Concealed is a concealed which it reduces with organic tea tree oil. Tea tree oil's ingredient renowned for its anti- bacterial benefits and an infusion perfect to help blemished skin The Body Shop uses the gender segmentation that the consumer market is mainly women. We can know from the lots of products collections are mainly decided for female, for instance, Vineyard Peach, Extra Virgin Minerals etc.

Although cosmetics' consumer market is mainly women, the demand of men's cosmetics market is increasing especially of the concealed. This is because men need a better appearance that it is good for their work and interpersonal relationship. Therefore, The Body Shop needs to enlarge the market with the men's market. Not only the women market is important, but also the men market. This marketing plan suggests some marketing strategies, which uses marketing mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion), to increase the sales of Tea Tree Concealed and to open up the men's concealed market, a men's product that calls "Men's Tea Tree Concealed".

For increasing sales of Tea Tree Concealed, we can mainly use promotion tools, such as advertising; and promotion mix strategies, such as push strategy and pull strategy. For open up the men's concealed market, we can use product strategy, price strategy, place strategy and promotion strategy, to promote the new product, "Men's Tea Tree Concealed". The marketing plan for Tea Tree Concealed is presented as follow. Current Marketing Situation Analysis Background Information * L'Orealal - Company Overview The L'Orealal Group is the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company.

Over 500 brands and many thousands of individual products such as hair color, permanents, hair styling, body and skin care, cleansers, makeup and fragrances five worldwide research and development centers. There are two in France and one in the U. S, Japan and China. On 17 March 2006, L'Orealal purchased cosmetics company The Body Shop for IEEE million. Their slogan is "Because we're worth it too" and the Head office is in the Centre Eugene Schuler in Chicly, Haute-De-Seine, near Paris. In 2003, L'Orealal announced its 19th consecutive year of double-digit growth. In 2007, L'Orealal was ranked 353 in the Fortune Global 500.

The targeted markets tot L'Orealal are mass, professional, luxury, and active cosmetics markets. They own interests in various activities such as fine chemicals, health, insane, design, advertising, insurance. * The Body Shop - Company Overview The Body Shop International Pl, a part of the L'Orealal family, which specialized in producing beauty and cosmetics products. It is founded in the UK in 1976 by Dame Anita Rowdier. There are more than 2,400 stores in 61 countries including Thailand, Australia and America. "The business of business should not Just be about money, it should be about responsibility.

It should be about public good, not private greed. " - said Dame Anita Rowdier, founder of The Body Shop. The Body Shop creates a non-animal-testing and a fair trading company image. Every reduce is animal cruelty free and it is the first international cosmetics brand to be recognized under the Humane Cosmetics Standard for its Against Animal Testing policy. The Body Shop believes in fair trade, had set up own fair trade programmer, called Community Trade. Community Trade works over 30 suppliers in more than 20 countries, providing over 25,000 people across the globe with essential income to build their futures.

The Body Shop has five core values, which are Support Community Trade, Defend Human Rights, Against Animal Testing, Activate Self-Esteem and Protect Our Planet.

Current Market Analysis

L'Orealal / The Body Shop In this section, we will divide into three parts related to market analyses. First, the market share of the L'Oreal in the world as The Body Shop is under this brand. Second, the market share of The Body Shop in the world and Hong Kong. Third, explain the target group and their needs of The Body Shop. First, the L'Oreal is a worldwide brand which its shops located in 130 countries.

The largest market of the L'Oreal is Asia, Pacific, followed by Western Europe and Northern America, which means Asia has a very high potential to keep increasing. From the graph next to, Asia, Pacific share nearly one-third of the worldwide cosmetic racket. Also, from the expectation of Remuneration, the market share in Asia Pacific will be changed in 2013, the share of China will increase from 22% to 28 % Breakdown of the worldwide cosmetics market Moreover, due to the improvement of the technology and increase in quality of life, more and more cosmetic products appear in the market, causing keen competition.

In 2011, the L'Oreal is act as leading role in the world, which is 2 than the other. Tot sales more Second, The Body Shop promotes using organic material and adopting community fair trade, that's suit the taste of people in the world which have a higher standard of environmental friendly. As the result, The Body Shop has become one of the top 20 cosmetic brands of the world in 2011. Furthermore, compare the sales in the past two years of The Body Shop, the sale increased from 2010 to 2011 in Western Europe and the New Market.

The New Market refers to Asia, Pacific Area, for example, China and Middle East. Although we cannot Judge that the market share has increased, we can compare the proportion of sales by geographic. The New Market increased 1. 4% form 46. 9% in 2010 to 48. 3% in 2011. This means The New Market has become more important to The Body Shop. Omen. We can know from the product collections of Vineyard Peach, Extra Virgin Minerals etc. These products are mainly decided for female, as skin in different between female and male. Also, the Body Shop promotes using organic materials to make their products.

Citizens improve their sense of environment, so the reasons for citizens to choose their cosmetic products not only force on the quality of the product but the level of environment friendly of the product. Furthermore, The Body Shop buys the raw materials under a fair trade system which they have fulfilled their social accessibility, the farmer can earn more compare to other products which do not adapt fair trade. Customers will consider this point as their decision criterion. Lastly, there is only one way to beautiful, nature's way. ' This slogan is very impressive for nowadays customers.

It's because there is a lot of news or report point out that chemical has been put into cosmetic products. Also, as the quality of life increased, customers are willing to spend more money to buy nature products. * Concealed Market useful to cover the imperfection on the skin. It is an important character that it can give people a better appearance. This product is mainly used by women, but use among men is increasing. The concealed is a type of makeup used to cover under-eye circles, pimples and other small blemishes visible on the skin. The concealed also can cover redness and even body flaws such as birthmarks, scars and vitality.

The market of concealed has intense competition, for instance, The Body Shop(Product name: Tea Tree Concealed), Bobbie Brown(Product name: Creamy Concealed), CLC De Pea Beauty(Product Name: Concealed), Beauty Tech(Product Name: Ice-cream Concealed ), MAC(Product Name: Select Cover Up), Shush Immure(Product Name: Point Coaler) etc. Also, some tot the concealed is especially tort a part tot skin: tort example, whole tact, under-eye circles, pimples.

Product Review - Tea Tree Concealed (The Body Shop) We are focus on The Body Shop's Tea Tree Concealed, which launched in 2009.

Tea Tree Concealed is a handy portable stick to conceal blemishes which without over drying the skin. It also produce with organic tea tree oil. Tea tree oil's ingredient renowned for its anti-bacterial benefits and an infusion perfect to help blemished skin. Also, it traditionally used to promote healthy-looking skin and has fantastic skin moisturizing properties. It costs HACK$139 / 4. G (sass's price).

Competitor Analysis

Curlicue Curlicue has spent 25 years to explore the organic and patronymic ingredients and our unique Bio inherent process to create the purest, most powerful skin care.

From patronymic farms in South Australia, the leading natural innovation, we have to unlock the potential of the combination of nature and science to create an effective product is beautiful. Just means you healthy, beautiful skin. The Curlicue farm: Their factory on the farm lived a pampered life. Curlicue's founders searched the world's richest, most clean on Earth, to build our farm. They found that, in Adelaide (Adelaide Hills). Today, this pristine environment is a wide variety of plants, herbs and flowers, and provides the natural forces Curlicue high performance mixed.

As the only Australian beauty brand, our own certified patronymic farm (NASA, the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australia certification), we can prove the purity of our harvest. We follow strict organic and patronymic farming principles, in order to achieve our recognition. In order to maintain a perfect nature, we tend to pick the crop of hand-sorted. The nature of the work and do not oppose it, and we trivet to create a richer soil, which means healthy plants, extract and more effective products. So this is a natural process, better farming more beautiful skin.

Benefits: It is a natural skin tones covering cream, in order to help to reduce the appearance of defects. Also, it can help balance oily skin surface sebum moderate and can help protect environmental aggressors. Ingredients: The witch hazel extract objects and tea tree oil help to gently clean and moderate sebum in the skin surface. The marigolds and self-healing extract offers comfortable performance and help rebalanced the sensitivity. Aloe extract and glycerin strongly hydrate, and helps to soften the skin. Grapefruit seed extract contains antioxidant properties and helps protect the skin against environmental damage. Irritable Airframe was founded in Sweden in 1967 by Hamlin brothers, has become an international market in more than 60 countries around the world. Cosmetics direct selling company. Airframe has a wide variety of innovative product lines, Sweden, natural beauty products "by 360 Million independent sales consultants are sold worldwide, and has created more than 1. 5 billion euros a year in sales. It is natural beauty products from Sweden. Airframe offers industry-leading career opportunities, and help people to earn income from the first day of added while moving.

The goal of the current personal dreams and ambitions, this is our unique the career concept - "the creation of wealth today, tomorrow achievements Dream. " Respect for people and nature, become the basis of the company's operating Philosophy, and is reflected in the company's social and environmental policies. Airframe co-founder of the World Children's Fund, and contributions to numerous global philanthropy projects. Airframe is a listed companies, the stock is listed on the NASDAQ OMG Nordic Exchange. SOOT Analysts We are focus on The Body Shop's Tea Tree Concealed, which launched in 2009.

We use the SOOT Analysis to analyses Tea Tree Congealer's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Strengths The Body Shop International Pl is a part of the L'Orealal Corporate group. L'Orealal Corporate has a lot of capital, it can support The Body Shop International ply's finance and it can have some large scale promotional campaign without consider financial problem. Also, the L'Orealal Corporate is the largest cosmetics and beauty company in the world. It is famous, so, The Body Shop International Pl can use the L'Orealal Corporate rand name to have some promotion and it will be more effectively.

Furthermore, the Body Shop International Pl has a positive reputation and image because of their non-animal-testing and fair trading company image. It can attract some customers, who support non-animal-testing and fair trading, to buy the products. For the Tea Tree Concealed part, one of its strengths is that it is a handy portable stick. This is because customers can easily bring it goes out and leave in somewhere easily. After use the Tea Tree Concealed, it will be without over drying the skin and it is good for our skin too.

Moreover, the Tea Tree Concealed is made of organic tea tree oil, which is not only an infusion perfect to help blemished skin, but it can also attract customers, who support using organic raw material, to buy it. Weaknesses The Tea Tree Concealed only has one color tone, it is not suitable for every because different people have different skin color. It only has one color tone that it can satisfy a little part of customers but not lots of customers. Without doubt, everyone has different skin, such as dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, normal skin and sensitive skin.

The Tea Tree Concealed only has one type and it also cannot satisfy lots of people, only a little part of customers can use it. Also, as we all know, The Body Shop International Pl is founded in the UK in 1976 by Dame Anita Rowdier. It is a western company and their products might be more suitable for foreign people. Therefore, the Tea Tree Concealed may not be suitable for Asian. It cannot satisfy more people. Opportunities First of all, many existing cosmetics and skin-care products were tested on animals before they promote to the market in order to make sure the usage of them will not harm human bodies.

However, The Body Shop against animals testing, every one of the products is animal cruelty free and vegetarian, which means we do not destroy the habitat of the animals and us. As a result, this is an opportunity of us to promote our product with this special characteristic. The second one is that the product have not taken care the men's market. The skins of men and women are not the same, so do the needs of them. If we still only focus on the women's market, our sales would only stay in the same level, so we should not only focus on the women's needs but also the men's to enlarge the market.

As a exult, this becomes one of the opportunities for the company to expand the men's market and to increase sales volume. Third, the Body Shop is supporting Community Fair Trade, for example in Kenya. Most of the products contain Community Trade ingredients. This can attract customers who are also supporting Community Fair Trade. The body shop is also defending human rights, in order to treat all people in a fair and open fashion, to respect and value their integrity. Last, we are seeking and sustaining natural materials, and using planet's resources wisely.

These are the ways how we approach our environmental target, protect our planet. Threats The competition from competitors such as Curlicue's natural skin tones covering cream who are also at the same level is keen. They are also providing same type of products and which are inexpensive to attract our same target groups. As a result, we have to consider about what are our vantages and extent them to get more awareness. Furthermore, the brand image of The Body Shop has become old, and is it not that attractive to the new young customers.

So there is a need for The Body Shop to re u d the image into task Marketing Objectives ion and vita Our marketing objective has two parts, one is short term and other one is long term. We will explain as follow. Short Term Concealed needs to be more popular. Therefore, the marketing objective is to enhance the promotion of Tea Tree Concealed that can increase 5-10% sales in short term. It means that we will increase 5-10% sales of Tea Tree Concealed in 5 months. Long Term As for the long term objectives of The Body Shop, it mainly has two steps want to achieve.

  1. Develop a new tea tree concealed for men From different researches in the market, we know that the make-up market for men is now expanding; more men are more focus on their appearance for different perspectives. Therefore, The Body Shop should invent a new tea tree concealed for men only, which can focus on the needs of men, such as promotes healing of acne, keeps your skin elastic and improves appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As a result, the company would like our research and development department can invent a men concealed within nine months' time.
  2. Sale 10000 concealed within six months The company aims at maximizing the profit of the company. If The Body Shop promotes the new product, "Men's Tea Tree Concealed", its focus on the needs of men, so The Body Shop can increase its profit as it promotes a new men product. The company will have a questionnaire in the future so that we can know more about our market, for example, setting our target group, the price that people can accept, which promotion strategies is the best for our market. As a result, we would like to sell 10,000 pieces of concealed within six months' time, which is a measurable objective.

Marketing Strategies Short term To mention the short term objective of the Body Shop, we mainly want to attract some new customers by the new products. On the other hand, we also need to make the original customers continues to consume on our brand. And thus, we have discussed our mainly short term strategy to achieve our aim.

  1. Advertisement The Body Shop can have three major ways to show our advertisement. The first one is Faceable. Nowadays, Faceable is a popular website to let people share their feelings and photos. And Faceable in Hong Kong is also necessary to people. Thus, do promotion on Faceable is an effective way to make more people know our new products. The second one is magazines. Magazines major target is office workers and the teenagers, and this target group is same as our products. Therefore, promotion on the magazines one big page can easy to let our targets know our new products. And the third one is promote next to the MAT escalator. MAT has many streams of people every day. And it is free when the people are standing on the escalator.So, display on the escalator advertisement board is also easy to let people know our promotion.
  2. Discount For the general customers, The Body Shop can give them 5-10% off discount. And the PIP can get one more discount after the new product has got 5-10% discount. It will be effective that the cheaper price can make the people try it and also it can conveniently to attract more people being The Body Shop PIP.
  3. Sample The Body Shop can give out the sample more effectiveness. If we Just commonly give out the sample on the street will wreck the value of product.And thus, we have planned to ask people like and share the post on Faceable, after that show it to the staff, then they can get one sample. This method can let people try our new product and also indirectly help our brand having a promotion simultaneously.
  4. Sponsorship We try to have corporation with Managing and Watson. If people consume above $1 50, they can get a sample of Body Shop. Sponsorship can provides a great means of broadening our competitive edge by improving our company's image prestige and reducibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive.

Long term For the long term plan for the Body Shop, the company purposes one and half year plan, which help the Body Shop to achieve the goals on developing a new tea tree concealed for men and increase the sale for product. The company will divide the plan into ups. Product: As we all know, the make-up market for men is now expending so the Body Shop should grab this golden opportunity to develop a new tea tree concealed for men only. The skin is different between men and women, the company should focus on

The Body Shop Marketing Mix essay

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What is the marketing strategy of Body Shop?

Reason is that Body Shop designs its marketing strategy, keeping in view the niche sectors of the market. Body Shop will use its products made from natural ingredients and plants, to position itself as a nature friendly organizations.

What are the body shop’s new product objectives?

The new product objectives will be to raise awareness of The Body Shop’s men’s range by 45% by2019, increase men’s products by 62% between October 2018 – May 2019, improve male perception of the brand by January 2019, increase online and foot traffic by 20% by October 2019, and achieve repeat purchase by 10%of the target audience by October 2019.

What is the body shop's pricing policy?

To compete with rival brands it has adopted a competitive pricing policy which keeps its product prices at par with prices of rival brands. The Body Shop has used several marketing policies to promote its brand name in the consumer market.

How can we improve the customer experience at Body Shop?

First, the consultants and shop assistants working for the Body Shop are influential in the marketing process of the company (Pahlavanzadeh, 2011). These should therefore, be given adequate training and enhanced product information to deal with customers better.

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