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Proposal Outline (4%) Proposition Statement:____________________________________________ This proposal aims to produce a 4-as campaign in Seventeen to promote The Body Shop Bath & body products to audiences aged 15 – 19. P1: Proposition (2 paras) I. The Body Shop is currently lacking in advertisement directed towards teenagers even though sales would be greatly boosted if they can manage to appeal to them. A. This is because they choose to focus on targeting working adults which is leaned towards a mature image and does not appeals to teens. B.

They will lose the potential to increase their sales volume if this continues. II. There are three main possible themes that we would like to propose. A. Firstly, “Fire” will be emphasising on the strong yet feminine aspects of the product. B. Secondly, “Earth” will bring attention on the environmentally-friendly nature of the products C. And lastly, the “Air” theme showcases the comfort level of the products. D. This is a proposal for an advertisement spread in Seventeen selling The Body Shop Bath & Body products. ?There is a choice of three themes for the campaign, “Fire”, “Earth”, and “Water”.

The recommended products for the 4-ad campaign are to be bath & shower gel, body lotion, body butter, and body scrub. P2: Potential (3 paras) I. The Body Shop is currently lacking of advertisement directed to teenagers. A. For a cosmetics retail company, The Body Shop noticeably lacks of photographs of models with beautiful hair and perfect skin, which would attract attention of teenagers. B. Currently, The Body Shop is targeting working adults and the advertisement that they made is leaned more towards a mature image. This image does not appeal to teenagers. II.

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The Body Shop does not appeal to teenagers and in doing so, it loses a huge number of potential customers. A. Teenagers are not attracted to The Body Shop because of a lack of celebrity representation. B. With the lack of advertisement, targeted audience will not be encourage to trial purchase, brand switch and develop brand loyalty towards The Body Shop. III. Sales would be greatly boosted if The Body Shop were able to appeal to teenagers. A. The Body Shop will be able to maximise it’s profits because Singaporeans teenagers aged 15-19 are very willing to spend money on body products.

B. Products such as body products could easily allow the consumer to develop brand loyalty towards the brand because they would have develop a habit for using our brand’s product. This results in repeated purchases and promotes sales in long term. P3: Possibilities (3 paras) I. The first theme, “Fire” theme will emphasize the strong yet feminine aspects of the product. A. “Fire” will pitch the products in a sexy yet elegant way, appealing to girls who want to be seen as confident and independent women. B.

For example, in the Body butter advertisement, we can feature a model clad in only lingerie and high heels and applying body butter on her body. This would suggest that one would feel confident with their body after using our products. The main colour of this advertisement will be red, black and white to give off a Parisian feel, which represents elegance, yet at the same time emphasizes on the fiery and bold aspects of the theme. II. The second theme, “Earth” will focus attention on the environmentally friendly nature of the products.

A. Products would come across as environmental and relaxing under the “Earth” theme and would appeal to both males and females because it makes them feel comfortable. B. The advertisement for bath & shower gel portray a model unwinding in a bathtub full of soapy water, implying that she had just used the product and suggest that one would feel relaxed after using the product. The background of this advertisement could be a natural setting filled with trees and plants to emphasize on the nature aspects of the theme. III.

The third theme, the “Air” theme, will showcase the comfort level of the products. A. Under the “Air” theme, products would be pitch as simple yet lasting comfort, appealing to both genders because of the theme’s purity and freshness. B. One example of a body lotion advertisement under the “Air” theme is to do a compare and contrast of a model who applied the body lotion in the morning and the same model looking energetic and fresh at night to represent the lasting effects and the comfort level can be seen through the model’s cheerful appearance.

The advertisement would be in pastel colours to emphasize on the theme’s purity. P4: Proposal (3 paras) I. We have decided to go with the “Earth” theme because it highlights the key feature of our product and will be effective in attracting our target audience’s interest. A. The Body Shop unique selling point is being environmentally friendly and it is also what the audience associate The Body Shop with. By going along with this theme, audience are able to identify The Body Shop because our concept will be consistent.

B. B. Our target audience have a very hectic lifestyle and by portraying a product, which comes across as relaxing to them is a very feasible idea because it is what the target audience need and that is also what they are looking for. This will thus increase sales of the products. II. We have rejected the “Fire” theme because it doesn’t specifically appeals to our target audiences. A. The “Fire” theme might seem over-mature to our target audiences and they would not want to be associated with such image. B.

The “Fire” theme might also be inappropriate and clashes with The Body Shop image because The Body Shop has always emphasize that beauty can be achieve even without baring a lot of skin. II. We have also rejected the “Air” theme because it’s concept is very common in Body products. A. The concept of comfort in a body product is not unique and thus, would not be effective in attracting the targeted audience as it doesn’t stand out. B. Audiences are easily able to find cheaper alternatives with the same benefits. *Total number of paras: 11 (do not create any more paragraphs… it’s 11, no more, no fewer)

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