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Anti Animal Testing of Body Shop

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There are millions of animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats continue to suffer and die an agonizing death behind the companies who refuses to give up the practice for nothing more than human vanity. The body shop cares about the treatment of animals so we are continuing to take a leadership role in protecting animals and seek alternatives to animal testing. There are over 300 of The Body Shop stores in United Kingdom have launched pledge to ban animal testing on cosmetics around the world.

We have a strict requirement of the human cosmetic standard which was set by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) in order to ensure the process of producing is ethical. Why do we have to against animal testing? All those animals are made to suffer and die in a variety of routine tests for cosmetics products and their ingredients. For example, repeated dose toxicity and reproductive toxicity. Rabbits or rats are force to eat or inhale cosmetics ingredients or have it rubbed onto their shaved skin every day for 90 days and are then killed.

As our slogan of “Beauty with Heart”, we cannot accept this thing happen in the world. We are then in particular to influence all cosmetic industries prohibit in using animal testing for cosmetics or other ingredients that are harmful to animal.

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Informational Objectives

The body shop builds a partnership with Cruelty Free International (CFI) and Leaping Bunny program which is the only standard that ensures there is no animal testing secured at any phase of product development. It is in order to create an industry-changing impact and to provide transferability to others in the cosmetic industries.

Attitudinal Objectives

The body shop builds a relationship with customers by using their powers to influence with suppliers to address and eliminate the animal testing issue. Implementation This issue is crucial to all protect animal organizations and customers. The Body Shop has carried out this campaign with CFI and we seek global ban of animals to test cosmetic.

International Values and R&D

Director of the Body Shop have taken the lead of a long commitment to this cause and Our Technical Compliance Team is responsible for ensuring that no ingredients we use have been tested on animals since the end of December 1990.

We do support CFI to achieve a worldwide ban on animal testing. In 1996, we have already collected over 4-million petition signatures and delivered to the European Commission with the success of banning on animal testing for finished cosmetics products in 2004. Croatia and Norway have followed suit by banning animal tests for cosmetics and ingredients and in 2015 Israel will also implement a ban. Although European Union has announced the policy on banning animal testing, there is still approximately 80% of the world allows animals to be used in cruel experiments.

We still need to continue supporting CFI to achieve this mission. Communication Plan Constituencies Constituent groups include: animal rights organization, animal protection groups, suppliers and their trade organizations; customers, investors, animal scientists and other academic in the animal science arena and media. We focus on one of the target – customers as the main stakeholder that would direct affect our market on cosmetic industries. The Body Shop audits regularly to ensure absolute compliance with British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS).

We are committed to our Against Animal Testing policy as we ever were and to guarantee that one of our products are tested on animals. We communicate clearly on our policies to customers and suppliers; hope to create a bigger influence to all cosmetic users throughout the world. Responses of constituency (Source: Cruelty Free International) As the report has mentioned that we have successfully collected over 4-million petition signatures to support anti-animal testing program. Customers are more willing to put efforts to encourage this program all over the world.

To show our promise to influence over 80% of the world, we raise awareness among employees and listen to our stakeholders in order to maintain, measure, monitor and report on our performance. On the other hand, we have invited volunteers to promote our message of against cosmetic testing on animal by creating a 400 people flash mob taking a stance in support of CFI’s campaign in June, 2012. So as to response our stakeholders, we have published our campaign on our official website,

The Body Shop believes that all animals have their value and respect; we will continue to lead the way of opposing animal testing by demonstrating the highest monitoring standards and clear customer communication. We are glad to gain trust from our customers to support our program, so we have labeled our products against animal testing to ensure the continued awareness of our customers and employees. The body shop is looking forward to build up a good relationship with customers in order to continue our mission of this issue.

We also desire to use it purchasing power and influence with customers to address and eliminate the cosmetic animal testing. Our whole company will be involved in this issue especially the connection with our supplier as we need to ensure all of our products are not tested by animals. Therefore, we will first study whether the ingredients can be bought in organic or Fair Trade form and what certification can be provided. We are now part of the leading beauty group in the world, L’Oréal but our commitment and principle of ethical have not changed.

This corporation would only make us to have stronger resources to influence the whole world about this issue. Since L’Oréal is well- known for the quality of their scientific research and they have been applying that expertise to finding alternatives to animal testing for cosmetics. One particular success has been the development of a new synthetic epidermis called “Episkin”, which mimics the physiology and reaction of human skin so well that it can be used to test the effects of many chemicals.

We are hopeful that this addition to the range of non-animal test will make a significant difference to overall cosmetics sector, as it has been made available to use for the whole industry. The body shop has founded over 35 years with a positive reputation thanks to all employees and customers’ encouragement. The Body Shop has been praised by customers as the British brand with the best corporate reputation, according to a new survey by brand consultancy Added Value.

Despite The Body Shop’s acquisition by the global beauty group, L’Oréal, it remains a brand recognized for its ethical viewpoint, although it may need to keep abreast of changing consumer attitudes to hold onto its leadership position. Nevertheless, we always keep our good reputation to continue persuading other countries on non-animal testing. Messages The body shop has launched several events to convey the message of anti-animal testing through the media. Instance, the biggest ambitious campaign is the partnership with CFI telling the world about the cause of animal testing with facts and empathy to all people who loves beauty with heart.

We are calling on governments for a ban on animal testing for cosmetics in every country around the world by signing the pledge at our stores. We have to send a strong message to governments that cruelty-free is not just humane; it is a good way to do business too and these entire signatures by customers or people who love beauty with heart presented to relevant governments and stakeholders who can influence the introduction of a ban. We are proud to have the support of CFI and the pledges with all signatures will enable to do all we can to ensure that no animals are harmed in tests for the cosmetics industry.

The body shop has expended the campaign internet to let people who are not located in our stores to give a support on this issue. Apart from the corporation with CFI, The Body Shop has also done different kind of means to promote our message such as labeling our important message “Against animal testing” on all of our products. We are in processing on holding several beauty contests to get attention from all customers on this issue. For example, we are going to launch two beauty competitions. Beauty with heart make-up competition is a competition aim at showing human’s beauty by using our The Body Shop make-up products.

We want to give a message of showing our making procedures of all products are ethical without any harm to animals. Either of showing how natural and pure of our products, the importance of beauty is also one of the main points that we want to give out. Being beautiful is not only for the appearance but also the inner beauty of a person. To love myself is to firstly love others include animals; we have to understand the highest standard of beautiful is being beauty with moral and spiritual. Video education of beauty competition, we want to convey the cruel fact of animal testing on animal to all customers and also students.

We have to strike a balance between beauties and ethical on business, we wish to spread our issue to our next generation; therefore video education is the most effective way of telling them the importance of inner beauty. This aims to structure the trustiest part of animal testing process to let people understand animal can be beautiful too if we stop killing and harming them, animal should deserve a fair treat as human being. Through the process of animal testing, we wish to educate or tell the truth of beauty to everyone around the world.

The alternatives to using animals to test cosmetics These modern methods are more relevant to humans and have been found to predict human reactions better than the traditional outdated animal tests. According to the CFI, “to assess skin irritation alternatives such as Reconstituted Human Epidermis, like the skin model EPISKIN, can be used. These tests use reconstituted human skin donated from cosmetic surgery and have been shown to be more effective than the original cruel rabbit Draize skin test that they replace.

Models also exist and can be used to replace cruel animal tests for eye irritation, the effects of skin sensitization can be predicted by looking at proteins in-vitro (in a test tube), and phototoxicity can also be assessed with a cell based test. ” Furthermore, companies can prove their products are safe by utilizing established ingredients. There are, for example, almost 20,000 ingredients in the European Union’s database for which safety data is available. Evaluation Response of constituencies As noticed above, The Body Shop has already collected over 4 million signatures with estimated 275 million people a year who visit our stores.

With over millions of volunteers who support us by making videos and spread our message through social networking devices such as Facebook, YouTube as well as Twitter with a vote on our issue. Corporation After being acquired by L’Oréal, a company accused of using animal testing. There was some speculation over if The Body Shop would continue to have this same standard of no animal testing, but the company seemed to be unchanged, keeping all its values intact. Awards In October 2009, The Body Shop was awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in

Britain. They were given this honor for complying with the strict requirements of the Humane Cosmetics Standards. Result In 2004, European Union is banned the animal testing for cosmetics. Croatia and Norway have followed suit by banning animal tests for cosmetics and ingredients and in 2015 Israel will also implement a ban. We have also successfully influenced other beauty companies with the help of CFI to ban on animal testing which has shown on the appendices.


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