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Our company is involved in the selling of Chevrolet corvette one of GM’s auto brand and it’s regarded by some people as an American icon.

Our brand is enjoying a big and wide market.  We are the once in charge of serving the whole of America.  Even though in our recent report we had made a loss of $39billion we still stand at a very good chance of speeding and selling our cars to every part of the country and other different parts of the world.  We sale our cars presently through  some dealer who are located in all parts of America.  At the moment we had made a loss of $39billion as per last year report.

Our market is segmented into various groups.  Through segmentation we are able to reach more customers.

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We are having a very good reputation and our cars are more preferred country wide.  The quality of our brands is good and it has utilized the most recent technology.  Our employees offer quality services to our customers, we regularly train them; the company has got many sales men who are qualified and competent.  The prices of Chevrolet Corvette are reasonable as compared to the prices of similar cars of the same size offered by our competitors.  Our customers visit our distributors when thy want to buy a car.

Our major competitors are Toyota America and Mitsubishi Motors.  Their major objectives are to reach many customers and make more sales.  They sale their products through their dealers.  Through offering credit facilities thy have been able to reach all parts of the country.

We sell our brands through dealers, who are located in all parts of the country.  Our dealer also own show room within major town centers.

Our dealers are very efficient in promotion of sales.  They maintain a good stock of cars; they also offer maintenance of vehicles at good rates.  They have also opened more showrooms in order to make more sales.

Financial institutions like banks and insurance companies have great confidence in our performance.  Additionally we have cultivated the goodwill of media companies.  We have good relationships with media companies who advertise our brand through magazines and newspapers. We have been having more and better media coverage from newspapers and television stations in the form of favorable news and features.  Our marketers usually consult our company lawyers about possible issues of truth in advertising.

We have a community relations officer who deals with community issues, participates in community projects and contributes to worthwhile causes.

We have offices countrywide where customers complaint are handled and where interest of the needy are taken care of.

Current marketing strategies

The current marketing strategy for Chevrolet corvette is very much involving.  Great awareness has been created about our brand through various means.  Mainly our customers know about our car through magazines and bulletins. Magazines show the type of Chevrolet we sell, their price, and the various colors of the brand available.  After sales services available and a brief introduction of how to repair our cars is also shown.

To reach more customers world wide, advertisement is done through the internet.  We own a website where we advertise our brand through.  All the features like our location, price, after sale services, our contacts are all shown in the website.

We also create more awareness about our car through annual trade shows. Our company usually participates in trade shows   where we explain to the general public the advantage of buying our cars. Through this trade shows we explain about the general repairs and maintenance that our car requires.

Our cars are sold through dealers. Our dealers are located in various parts of the country. Our dealers own showroom s with many types of cars our brand included. Through our dealers we are able to sell mangy cars. Our dealers carry out regular repairs and maintenance of both minor and complicated cases.

Through seminars and conferences we create more awareness about the existence of our brand. Annually we conduct seminars and conferences where we educate the general public on how to maintain and repair our cars. In these seminars all our dealers participate. The engineers and mechanics from our dealers are tough new vehicle maintenance skills and how to be efficient in their services.

More sales are also made through sale promotions. Our car dealers have got their sales men who advertise our cars to potential customers through showrooms located in various parts of the country.

Future strategies

Due to stiff competition from other car manufacturers we are going to ray our more strategies in order to promote our sales. First we will promote our brand through celebrities. Some people will be encouraged to buy our car if they will see celebrities being associated with our brands.

We will also use models in our promotions. We will use models like tailor banks in our promotions. If most customers see these models in our advertisements, they will be more motivated and encouraged to buy our brands.

We will employ market segmentation by venturing to all parts of the world. Our sales team will promote our brand in every corner of the world. Also locally we shall ensure that all parts of the country are reached.

Further still we will promote our sales through diversification.  In order to make more sales we will diversify to related businesses. We will be offering a wide range of services.  We will be selling auto spares for our brand. Those vehicles being repaired by our auto dealers will be using their own spare parts.

We shall recruit more dealers to sell our brands. In order to reach more customers GM auto will ensure that the number of dealers dealing with our brands is increased. Sales promotion will be done through magazines. Our current brands will be advertised through magazines. Since many people read magazines they will know more about our brand.

We will reach more customers by participating in trade shows and exhibitions. At these exhibitions we will advertise the advantages our brand has over our competitors. To encourage more customers to buy our cars we shall build our own car parks. This is where our customers will be parking their cars.

We shall also be offering free services to our customers through our dealers. Specific dates will be set when free services like free car wash, free minor maintenance and repairs will be offered.

To have a good reputation our company will participate in community projects. We shall assist the needy in the society. This will create more awareness of our brand to the community.  Also we shall be sponsoring some programs to the needy like offering free primary education and offering food to orphans.

More awareness shall also be created through the e-commerce. We shall target both local and international customers through the internet so that more sells will be realized. We shall also extend credit facilities to reliable customers. In order to make more sales we shall be selling cars on credit to reliable customers.

We shall also promote research and development. Through universities we shall encourage students to come up with modern designs so that our model shall have more features than those of our competitors. With encouraging modern and creative designs and regular improvements more sales will be made.

We shall also train our own engineers who will be capable of fine tuning and diagnosing our most recent designs. By having a well trained and motivated team of technicians and automotive engineers more sales will be sold.


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