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Customer service is crucial in the automotive industry, especially given the sheer amount of choice consumers have today. A customer who has a bad experience with a brand has plenty of others to choose from. The same is true with dealers-there might be another store selling and servicing the same brand Just a few miles away. A bad experience in the service department--the department that Is generally the most profitable for a dealership--or on the sales floor can chase customers away.

By Implementing customer feedback strategies, the organization will be able to discover he company's strengths and potential weaknesses, as set by the actual customer. Reacting on the feedback In a timely and appropriate manner will Increase revenues and customer satisfaction. Although a customer feedback programs will be an added cost In the beginning, long term It will save money for the organization, as It costs far more money to get new customer's than keep a satisfied, existing customers. Understanding what customers think of the organization will Improve service delivery and quality of products leading to business sustainability.

Customers should be the centre of the approach. Whatever he says and asks from you, it should be immediately responded to. Be kind and show to them that you are always willing to answer their queries and help them in any way. Make them feel important and greatly valued. To meet customer needs it is necessary to understand why customers purchase and to match both products and services and the selling style of the organization with customer needs. You need to know who your customers are, where they come from and what their buying intentions are.

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