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Manage own performance

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Explain the systems and procedures and codes of practice relevant to your personal work role: 1. 2 Why is it important to plan work and be accountable to others? It is important to plan your work and be accountable to others to enable you and your organization progress. This helps to determine work objectives, It allows you to know what results are possible and what the best path to the desired outcome should be.

Being accountable to others can bring a sense of ownership to the process by making you now that others are counting on you to perform a task and deliver results. It can also help keep you on track. 1. 3 / 1. 4 Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing realistic targets for work and who would you agree these with? Purpose: The purpose for agreeing realistic targets for work is to keep everyone on task and focused on accomplishing a target that Is possible, not out of reach.

This way, everyone can contribute effectively and reach targets efficiently Instead of struggling and going off track. Benefits: Having a target shows you the path that you want to take, you can then Greer on the most effective way to achieve the target and also create a plan that will give you a time scale of things to be done. This brings fast and reliable compliance to the tasks at hand. Who with and how? Compromising with my manager, we discuss some realistic/ achievable targets that I will be able to achieve and create a plan to show the most effective ways to achieve the targets. . 5 Describe the ways which you plan work to meet agreed targets: First of all It Is important to look at how much time you have to complete the agreed targets. Then he next step would be breaking the target down in to parts, this will then give you a much clearer idea of what you can do to complete the target. You can then give yourself deadlines to complete each part of the target, instead of trying to do everything at once. You need to make sure you put the most Important and time any problems that occur along the way, you will have time to solve them. . 6 Explain the purpose of keeping other people informed about progress: The purpose of keeping other people informed within your organization is so that everybody is aware of the progression towards the targets that have been set. Also keeping people informed of your progress eliminates the confusion of the same thing being done more than once. 1. 7 Explain the purpose and benefits of letting other people know if work plans need to be changed: People need to be made aware of any changes as soon as possible so that they can also change what they are doing.

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It also makes them feel involved in what's going on, they might also give you feedback whether they agree with new changes or not. 1. 8 / 1. 9 Describe the types of problems you may encounter during work and who would you go to for help and why? Equipment Breaking - I would inform the person that is in charge of ordering the equipment. Also I would inform my manager. Other employees being absent - I may be asked to do extra hours or a Job that is out of my comfort zone. I would talk to my manager about anything I am unsure on or that I can't do.

People not giving me enough information - If I am doing a particular Job and I have not been given enough information to complete the task, I would then ask questions about things that I am unsure on. Colleagues or clients asking me questions that I don't know the answer to - If I don't now the answer then I would try and point them in the direction of someone who does know the answer. 1. 10 Why is it important to recognize and learn from your mistakes? Firstly of all it is important to own to the mistakes that you have made, instead of trying to shift the blame onto someone else or denying that you are at fault.

Once the mistake you have made has recognized, you can then start to look at ways to prevent this from happening again. Wars you can do this are; taking extra training if you think it is required, asking another member of the team, for example your manager, or Just sing your own initiative your own work and how would you set these? Purpose & benefits: It is important to set high standards for my work because then it will help me to do the best I can and help me to be recognized at work in a positive way. Also at the same time I am setting myself a challenge rather than keeping to standards that can already achieve.

How would you set these? To set myself new high standards for my work, I would first look at areas of my work which I am able to do comfortably and with ease, then I would see what I could do to improve the standards even more. . 3 / 2. 4 What is the purpose and benefits for taking on new challenges should they arise and why is it important to be able to adapt to change? Purpose & benefit: Organization have to change from time to time to keep up with other competitors and also keep in tune with new technology that may become available over the years.

Why is it important: It is important to take on new challenges and be able to adapt to change because this will show my employer that I am capable and a strong part of the organization. It will also help improve and learn new skills along the way. 2. / 2. 6 Why is it important to treat others with respect, honesty and consideration and how do you use this in your workplace? Why: It is important to treat others with respect and to be honest because It creates a good working environment in the work place, which will effect the happiness of others in the work place.

This is also makes the team look good as a whole. How: Being honest and treating my colleagues with respect will build a strong, trustworthy relationship which you can only benefit from. 2. 7 Describe the types of behavior at work that show honesty, respect and inconsideration and explain those that don't: Types of good behavior that show honesty, respect and consideration are: Types of poor or bad behavior that show dishonesty, no respect and lack factorizations are: Taking the blame for your own actions, if you have made a mistake.

Not asking questions when you encounter a problem and you don't know what to do. Not interrupting someone when they speak to you. Not taking the blame when you are at fault. No being bothering to help Having a positive attitude towards work. Being a bad team player Being trustworthy Being disrespectful

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