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Human resource issues in employment management and the possible solution The sources of training need provide a diversity and complexity of training requirements to be at practice level you should be managing coordinating the training necessary to satisfy all the needs all the personnel in training should be skilled. 1. 1. 3 Human resource issues In Administration and the possible solution Recruitment is another traditional area high quality candidate's should be attracted to the positions the person and position requirements should clearly established.

A variety of selection methods appropriate to the situation should be used Like entrance tests an Interview. 1. 1. 4 Human resource Issues in training and the possible solution Administration Is function of human resource management Is to be provide the employees with the capability to manage healthcare, record, keeping, promotion, benefits etc. The function In terms of employees benefit Is to create management system to achieve long term goals plans It requires the exercise of analytic ability and application of substantial knowledge of principals.

Duties and Responsibilities; * Recruiting and staffing logistics * Performance management and improvement tracking system * Record keeping * Assisting with employees relationship * Employee safety and so many- prepare sales action plans and schedules assist, develop and maintain sales and promotional materials make sales calls to new and existing clients assist, develop and make presentations of company products and services to current ND potential clients negotiate with clients maintain sales activity records and reports ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships follow up on sales activity assist, conduct market research and surveys Skills and Abilities; Excellent computer skills including word and excel Effective oral and written communications skills knowledge of employment laws good interpersonal skills skills in database management Be ready and able to work within a team. Have a polite, helpful manner Education bachelor degree Experience 1 or 2 years of general business 3. Preparing a Job Advertisement title Wage Working area, place Working hours Skills, knowledge and attitude we needed Qualifications and experience we needed Contact name and number of someone who is from our Human Resource Department. 3. 1 Job Advertisement for tycoon Company Tycoon Trading Company Sales Department; salary: $ 55. 000 annual Working hours: 9:00 am-5:00 pm (Monday to Friday) Our company is located in western suburb close to city and all public transport.

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As a small business company we are looking for an intellectual, a creative, qualified and at least two years sales experienced person who must use all office programs referentially especially MS Excel, provide good communication with customers and also must assist to someone else about one of our new product in our company. A person who can enjoy challenges and working towards targets has ability to exceed customers expectation Contact no. 02345678(arena) 4. Detail the Cost of Hiring an Employee Cost of detail of our office person contains; Employee background screening Advertising Relocation pay Time for interviewing Travel expenses Training costs Taxation and wages Human resources paperwork about employee Survey and monitoring processes' cost for employee Job offer calls by phone or Job offer letter by mail Employee back ground investigation and make phone calls to its former company 5. Selection Criteria and interview Questions 5. Selection criteria from the sales position role Qualities and Quantities research skills Communication and negotiation skills Organization and Planning Understanding of the Decision making 5. 2 Interview Questions 1. Tell me who are the main stakeholders in our business and describe the task of job that you understand? 2. How can use the qualities and quantities research skills in this position? Can you give me an example about these skills which you have used before in former Job? 3. How will you build good relationships with your team members? 4. How will you satisfy dissatisfied customers? 5. Tell me what is your daily schedule position in Job? 6. Now I want you to try to sell me something. Try to convince me to buy this coffee to drink. 7.

Which advertising methods do you use to present a new product to create an attract attention for our customers. 8. Can you give me a specific example of an occasion when you took on extra responsibility or showed initiative in improving an aspect of work? . Describe the most challenging problem that you have had to solve, and what you took into account. 6. Reference Checking It is a process of authenticating the information supplied to potential employer by a job applicant in his resume, application and interviews it ensure the employer that the candidate has background and experience as he claims it includes and takes usually 20 or 30 minutes to complete.

It is a control process provides past information of employee and asks questions two or three people who directly managed the candidate about employees' skill and knowledge for requested position, allegations with other team members it includes verification of academic credentials ,verification of prior employment, testing to confirm skill, criminal background check To make a reference checking about regarding person will be good in term of employer. For this reason the human resource department of tycoon International Trading Company prepares some questions to make a reference checking on former Jobs and positions of regarding person on the its ex-companies. Our reference checking questions are generally consisting of; When did related person work for your company? Could you confirm starting and ending employment dates? When did s/he leave the company?

Why did related person leave the company? What was her/his starting and ending salary? What was her/his position? Can you describe the Job responsibilities? Did person supervise other employees? How effectively? If I spoke to those employees, how do you think they would describe person's management style? How did person handle conflict? How about pressure? Stress ? Did you evaluate person's performance? Can you speak to his/her strong and weak points? What was person's biggest accomplishment while working for your company? If I describe the position we are hiring for what, could you describe how good a fit you think person would be for the position?

On the other hand a coach observes employee's work and actions, and provides related teaching skills. A coach can come from same division in a work place for example from company's personnel or manager. As a manager, I can also be a coach for my new and current employees. And as a coach, I can give my time and attention to my employees and I can help them master their work and grow their own knowledge and skills. Also, I can ensure them extend their learning capabilities and improve their self-development. On the other hand, for the role of the mentor I can provide my new employees to reach their highest potential in the business. I can arrange for them individual or organizational group mentoring programs. 9.

Three months' probation review It is a 3 month period from the date of commencement of employment whether the employer assesses suitability of employee for the role and employee has an opportunity to determine if the role meets their needs. Probation period has been formed as 3 months in our Human Resources Plan to provide a review and recording about newly hired personnel. Review will be made to the Human Resources Department end of the each month during the three months. First two months will contain initial reviews, and last month will be taken final reviews for employees. Employee assessment Company name Employee name Identification Date/period Position 9. Records of Review Importing point in a review report is that it gives healthy and true decisions about newly chosen personnel and provides much strangest workforce for the organization in the future. Following things should be recorded Attendance Punctuality Appearance dress code Attitude-positive, cooperative Work quality Workplace-care of company equipment Team work skills 10. Monitoring and Review of a Human Resource Plan Human resources plan provide a framework for a company for that as a Human resource manager of the related company I can follow company's missions and daily know as I guide the employees to help the company succeed as well I can be sure whether all staffing needs are met or not.

According to the topic, firstly I have to thing about new product in the organization and sales staff that has also employed newly. For example as a human resource manager I arranged a staff training program for elated person and also I chose another person who will be responsible for monitoring system. By this responsible person I will follow all performance and capabilities of new staff and also I will be reported about the all situations among the training such as staff training has been completed by a certain date or not. After this training process I can manage a survey which indicates the results of customer satisfaction and therefore I can make a review about my resources plan which has achieved to present new product by my new training staff or not. PART B

According to case study, Sports Gear that is a medium size company will need to increase its production for the Australian Team in the World Cup within 6 weeks which needs to be more than the current level in order to meet the expected demand. 1. Expenses for the new operational plan To increase productivity we need following things, More staff for night shift More machinery. Time schedule should be extended to rush and 5 days a week for next 6 weeks. Organize extra arrangements for catering and refreshments for the working staff. 2 extra supervisors for night shifts. Ordering extra raw material. Extra room for storage and vehicles for distribution. All of the above will lead to increase the company's current expenses. For that Sports Gear need to extend their company's budget.

For example, company need to provide more wages for more staff and extra supervisors, more usage for more electrical expenses, more budget for extra order for raw material, more requirement of fuel oil for distribution during the 6 weeks, etc. 2. Monitor performance of the staff to increase productivity Garry can monitor his staff performance by:- Establishing CATV cameras and recording and viewing all the staff members while working. Setting daily targets for each supervisor and each staff. Staff attendance records. Amount of waste production for each staff which shows they are doing their 3. Budget of the company and its use Budget is a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving, borrowing and spending.

A reasonable budget allow you to do what you want it helps to be business in right direction The company uses the budget because it provides:- Planning, Set expectations, Consideration, and Guidance Control finances Help to achieve target Helps to prevent loss. 4. Documentation used for developing a business budget Budgeting is the basis for developing supportable financial plans. The documents developed by the company as a result of these instructions are a normal part of the annual budget effort. Provide a consistent basis for business planning and budget reviews, facilitate any necessary budget adjustments, provide transparency and a clear audit trail, support rate case filings, assist external reporting with their communication to the investment community, and Keeping the record of budget and getting it checked by the senior personnel.

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