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The following is a discussion on the achievements and the capabilities of both “Pauline Hanson” and “Dick Smith” with regard to being the current leaders and what should future leader of Australia be like. Achievements Pauline Hanson: Pauline Hanson was a part of conservative liberal party and got the seat of Oxley in Queensland.

Australia’s One Nation party was founded by her as well, she was of the view that immigration of Asians and other ethnic groups to Australia will affect the nations coming generations and will dilute the culture of the country in such a way that the culture of Australia would be totally influenced by the foreign cultures. Dick Smith: Dick smith has played an important role in the campaign against the foreign owners of the Australian food producers, and for this purpose Smith formed the Dick Smith Foods in 1999.

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With this thought of promoting Australian goods, Dick Smith Foods sells only Australian products. In 1999 on the honors of Australia Day, Dick Smith was awarded an Officer of the order of Australia for the services he has rendered to the Australian business and the community. Dick Smith has also been awarded the award of the Australian of the year for the year 1986. Dick Smith has been active in his support for the disadvantaged – Notable ones being his open support for Peter Qasim, who was detained by the Australian government for over 7 years.

Apart from that Dick also paid a part of the ransom to free the Australian and Canadian journalists held hostage in Somalia. Hanson and Smith as Leaders with reference to the text Hanson I do not think that Hanson would be an effective leader as her style of leadership is very autocratic and she tries to impose her feelings and emotions over what is best suited for the country which in long-term would affect her political carrier and it has.

Smith The charismatic visionary style has been adopted by smith as he promoted what he believes in and what thousands of Australians do, he took a step for stopping the foreign food companies but in doing so he kept in mind that he had to come up with something which could replace the foreign need so he started his own company such visionary ideas are of a true effective leader who gives a sense of direction to his followers.

Factors contributing to the success of both Hanson According to my research the key factors to Hanson’s success are the firm believes of a small group of people who think as one with this woman they see the same fate of their beloved country which is going to be changed by the immigrants and that is why they support her other than that I don’t think that on rational grounds her success is because of her anti migrant campaigns. Smith

The success of smith is defined by the way he has put forward his words into action and made his vision into reality he is truly a realist and a patriot, his words were not only to depict his emotions but they were to be the guideline for people of Australia to stand up and take responsibility if you don’t like other to over take your markets than find the potential in yourself and shape your future. Hanson and Smith leaders of the 21st century Hanson

For Hanson I would say no as 21st century leader you must be seeing both sides of the coin but Hanson only sees one side, she sees in Asians and other immigrants a threat to Australia’s culture and resources but what she lacks to foresee are the opportunities being brought by these people Asians no matter from which part they are, they are a cheap source of labor along with many other qualities so Hanson according to me does not qualifies as an effective leader.

Smith Smith as I have mentioned earlier is a man of vision and a leader that not only listens to his own agenda but addresses the opposition as well he truly is the leader of 21st century where emotions are kept in mind but rational is preferred and he has proved it that he is capable of turning his mud to bricks and then can make a future out of it for fellow Australian’s and Australia itself. Developing and nurturing leadership qualities

Yes I believe that leadership qualities can be developed and nurtured, a leader is a person who has to create a path for his followers in such a way that the followers don’t get lost and keep on moving on the path of the success. Human beings are ever evolving creatures we understand and act according to the knowledge we have, knowledge is what we learn from our experiences and how we use it to be beneficial for us and all.

So without learning and getting to know what is wrong and what is right we cannot be good leaders and if education can teach us to become good human beings and it can turn out leaders like “Nelson Mandela” so yes it can also help to nurture and develop leadership qualities. Conclusion In the end I think that leadership is should be focused on making decisions what are beneficial for both the nation and the country instead of doing what you believe and putting your own beliefs over the interests of the country for this I highly regard “Dick Smith” and disregard “Pauline Hanson”.

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