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Leadership Experience

Leadership experience I naturaly very communicative person and can get on with people easily. This make people around me to feel comfortable and more open. As a result it gives me an opportunity to encourage and enspire them to achieve goal.

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I have experienced leadership position in high school by organising various event which need to operate defferent tasks and motivate my collegue to work. Afterwards, in my recent summer internship, I explored my leadership potential by being able to conrol people at my work place during compliting the task, evethough I was a new member of company.

I very value fairness. In my high school teacher were putting the grades unfairly. It was depending on personal connections, whereas meant to level of knowledge and hard work done. At the end of the studying year my tutor came to a few students and asked them to buy some presents or flowers for those teachers who did put a lower grade. So I was very unhappy about this situation, some students were studying harder but got lower result. If it continuous students might not have too much interest and motivation.

I came to my tutor and explained that everyone aware of their way of putting grades. I made an appointment with priciple and told him about situation and asked for some actions against this. As a result he took more close surepvisory under tutors and other teachers. I am very interested on traveling. In my young age I visited various parts of the World. I have seen developing Bali/Seichells Island/Botswana/Zimbabve/Jamaica/Cuba, progressing South Africa/Mexico/Argentina/Cayman Islands, competative Brazil and other countries.

It gives me an overview of differce between regions. It is not only about language it about the whole culture. It is interesting to watch how some countries developing whereas other are already developed and fight for market place I would like to apply my theoretic knowledge into the practice. Also, I am very communicative person and I find it usefull to meet with different people in order to exchange the knowledge, ideas and expereince and I believe that Royal Bank of Scotland will be able to provide it for me!