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Knocking on Heaven’s Door

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The movie tells us the story of two men who have heard bad news: they have to live a little, just a week and hardly one day more. For them, this is certainly a shock as they are still so young, but it is already the time for them to go to heaven. Of course they want to continue their lives, but unfortunately it is too late to change things. Trying to drown the sorrow with tequila, one of the main characters, demure Rudy realized that he has never been at the sea. On what second man lad Martin replies with a grin that on heaven all talks are about the sea as it the most remarkable and surprising phenomenon in the world. That's how it all begins ...

It would be wrong to say that the story is only about the thirst for life and the man’s fear of not having enough time to do something important. Partly it is, but this film examines many valuable things and events in our lives that we perceive as a given, but still they are no less valuable. For example, the love of parents, real friendship, a desire to help and bring to the world something good.

Every shot means something and teaches something, inspires and makes you think of. For example there is a scene in which Martin gives a Cuban cigar to a little girl who accidentally met him on the road from the bank. He wants to make random people happy, but what to give to a child? Candy? He hasn’t got any. Money? Children don’t really need them. There is only remaining a cigar, which he gave to her as an ice cream on a stick. The scene is funny and very touching.

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Generally, the film is about life with all its oddities, fortunate events, disappointments and of course loves. In some ways, the film looks like a zebra. White band, then black and white again and again the black. Everything goes well with the disappointing events, the opportunity to live in grand style at least slightly overlaps with the pursuit and arrest ... Everything is exactly how it is happens in the world ...

This movie consists of small particular things. Martin calls the stolen car sky blue colored Mercedes, not blue, it was heavenly blue. How Rudy complains about the cheap suit for 2000 dollars. Of course because they have found a million of dollars in the trunk of stolen car. And many other significant moments from which the content of this film constructed.

The duet of main actors is incomparable. Their heroes are complete opposites of each other. Perhaps in real life they would not even said hello, they are so diverse - desperate daredevil Martin and calm and quiet Rudy. But facing a total disaster, they rallied and become friends. Even for such a short period. They affect each other. Rudy gets Martins quality - lack of fear and a desire to taste more and more freedom. And Martin gets Rudy’s - caring for loved ones and the thought of the generous assistance. And yet they managed to do this, give their selves and their loved ones a little bit, but true happiness ...

All this happened only because they had a goal. One goal! To do in one week everything that they failed to do in whole life!

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