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Title Anaylsis Painted Door

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Title Sharon Sarai Block 4 In the story “The Painted Door” by Sinclair Ross the title is significant. The title is symbolic, it ties into the plot, and it sums up the main event. When Ann says, “ ‘…It’s going to make the room a lot lighter’ ” she is talking about brightening the bedroom door (49). We paint to bring change and improve upon an old appearance, it is clear that that is what Ann is trying to accomplish with not only her bedroom door, but her life as well.

She thinks that she is embarking on a new adventure by bringing change into her home and painting the door white, but in reality she is just beginning a new adventure behind the door. The title also ties into plot and sums up the main event because the painted door is a very significant part of the story. If Ann had chosen not to paint her bedroom door she would have never known John made it home, because John would have never had the paint marked on him.

Ann would have thought that John had just collapsed on his way home but the suspicion of suicide is confirmed after she finds the white paint on his palm, “On the palm, white even against its frozen whiteness, was a little smear of paint” (67). It could be by chance that a smear of paint coated John’s palm or it could be a way of allowing Ann to know that his death was no accident. The title of the story “The Painted Door” is symbolic, and relevant to the plot and main event of the story.

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Title Anaylsis Painted Door

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