Kava Business Scenario

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A solution to the situation the company in Kava is facing can be found by applying a critical analysis to the problem so as to arrive at the best decision and get the most ideal solution. The best technique that should be used so as to arrive at the best decision for this situation is the pros and cons decision making technique.

This decision making technique is the most suitable for making decisions to situations such as  this because Kava is an island where disasters occur one after another and the frequency with which they occur in is very high, prompting decision makers weigh their options before arriving at a well thought and weighted decision (MacLennan, 2010).

These disasters are a major consideration when making an important decision such as that of venturing into a new market. This island is not very big both in size and customer base and therefore the person mandated to make the crucial decision about a business venture in the island must be ready to make consultations with various people who have been on the ground for long enough so that he does not make decisions that are impractical or hard to implement. Brainstorming and a critical analysis of the situation is very useful because it enables one to identify the most suitable options for decision making.

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He has to first look at all the options available and the alternatives by engaging in brainstorming. This will enable him to get the relevant information concerning market trends and segments and as a result he will be able to get the best decision he can make (Dubrin, 2010). He has to get enough information for an accurate assessment of the conditions and situations. The step will give him the advantage of having a chance to make a fair and informed decision.

The company should go right on with the decision to enter the market in Kava and avoid any skepticism but first knowing the size of the market in order to identify which strategy  to adopt given the closeness in link between decision making , problem solving and with a view to making to right decision. He should avoid prejudices and emotions which could get in the way of clear thinking. To do so will help him make the appropriate and confident decision. He should therefore make sure that he measures his objectives.

The main factors in making his decision using the pros and cons technique are the weighted scores which may sometimes make him feel uncomfortable. He should check his weightings all the same and ensure that he has considered all factors. He should do this on all sides so that he does not miss out on any of them, as they are very critical and determine the decision he makes.

In an attempt to arrive at the best decision, he must look at the possible options. The options in this case appear limited because of the size of the target market but this should not be an impediment. The solution to any situation that may seem a bit difficult can be arrived at through brainstorming (Proctor, 2009). Most of the workable solutions that are made are not from an individual’s sole decision but rather by way of brainstorming sessions with various people who have varied opinions which help to make a complete decision. The best option is therefore selected as the basis of their decision.

The company should undertake awareness campaigns aimed at educating the locals on how to avoid some of the disasters that befall them from time to time. Giving them free education on some of these issues will endear them to the company’s products and therefore it will be a good decision. This decision should however be made with a budget in mind because the money and other resources that they put into the community based projects should act as an investment in the goodwill of the people who should be able to pay back with profits by buying the company’s products.

This decision requires enough research, brainstorming and weighing the options in a critical way so that there is a balance between what they give and what they get. This is not a one man’s decision and so brainstorming is necessary in order to get the most rational decision. This is an excellent case of pros and cons technique.

Another solution to the problems affecting these people could lie in job creation. The company should think of putting up more companies here so that these people can benefit. This decision has to include several people in the management of the company so that they can arrive at an informed decision. The pros and cons technique is an asset in this situation as it guides the decision maker to an option of making the best one among many.

Plunging into the market could prove a high-risk endeavor. This decision should be arrived at after several consultations. The choice that is made must at all times be reliable and useful to the person assigned that duty. He should choose the projects that are beneficial both to the company and the community at large.


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