Buy a Funeral House. Management Case scenario

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When one wants to buy a house, several investigations are done in order to ensure that the right type of house has been selected. The same thing is done when looking to purchase a funeral home. LaMarco comments that one must choose between building a funeral home from the start or a desire to purchase an existing funeral home. This paper aims at establishing why listing the elements one should evaluate before making a funeral home purchase is vital to the decision making process. LaMarco provides various instructions one should follow when one wants to start a funeral home:

• A choice should be made on whether to build one from the start or buy an existing one. Purchasing a new one is clearly the easier choice though one should his own if he prefers custom made attributes. • One should also be educated on the fundamentals of conducting a funeral home such as embalming, transportation of bodies and the coordination of a funeral service. • Certification is necessary and therefore the Funeral Service National Board Examination (NBE) must be taken in order for one to become a licensed funeral director.

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• Development of a business plan should be a priority since one requires a detailed and complete plan that is designed to get money from investors and enable the individual to establish the business. • A lawyer with experience in the business of funeral homes should be enlisted for the purpose of obtaining the appropriate legal papers such as legal contracts that the future clients will need to sign. However, the selection of the lawyers should be conducted through interviews to determine their competence. Nichole offers several steps required in order to buy a house.

They are stated as follows: • One needs to check if he is able to afford the house. Among the factors to be considered, one needs to evaluate how much he can manage to pay for the house, the amount to be paid monthly, how much money will be needed up front and if one is ready to purchase the house. The best way proposed to learn the conditions of buying a house that is getting a pre-approved loan. • Investing in property with growing value is a proposed choice. Some examples are provided whereby a potential buyer who is looking for a house that does not require any repairs or maintenance.

• One also needs to check on the amount of credit one has since this is more important than money that has been saved up for a first installment. The emergence of funeral homes all over the world has led to the creation of a social space that facilitates the preparation, display, and communication with the departed in a new way. When it comes purchasing a funeral home, one has to consider several factors based on research of already operating funeral homes. (Kiplinger's Personal Finance 70). For instance: 1. Find out by conducting research what buying a funeral home involves: This is not so difficult to do.

One can easily look for information in pamphlets or books which are readily available on both outdoor and indoor project. One can also check for more information in the libraries, building supplies, or bookstores. In addition to getting information from reading sources like books, one can also go ahead and talk to people already experienced in the business of funeral homes. Here one is guaranteed of first hand information. 2. Invest in a plan: What kind o f a home do you want to buy in terms of size, location, and price?

One may opt to build his or her plan from a plan that is already published, but turns out to be what one wants, or one can alternatively borrow ideas from plans that have already been published. 3. Compare different the prices: There can be variation of prices depending on the location of the place and at the same time prices can vary at different seasons. If there happens to be emerge a difference between you and the seller, consider first whether the risk of putting up that particular funeral home in that location is worth the risk, the make the final decision of whether or not you are to go ahead with the purchase or not.

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