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The island of Kava was a huge misconception of a paradise wherein anybody could have the sumptuousness of all the vacations. The would-be perfect destination from relaxation to wild island adventures turned out to be chaos. Unfortunately, this place is facing a lot of turmoil and needs not only touch ups but to have its grand gesture internally as well as the external refurbish. Poor management and planning on how to set up the restaurant is one of the concerns that has to be ironed and good hygiene is a must since the nature of business is food.

Excellent sanitation is also one of the major issues that should be properly addressed. 50 percent of this island is under 15 years of age; therefore we should also be concern of the wellbeing of the customers that might visit in the eating place, so the food that should be served must cater the proper nutrition and diet. Disasters from Mother Nature are one of the chief issues that should be given the importance as well.

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The causes of the torment of Kava are the catastrophes from nature although this is not the core of the predicament however, it greatly affects the scope of the involvement of the society be it in calamity or diseases. The community serves to be the heart of misfortune in the island of Kava.  They should unite in times of adversity regardless of religion, culture, beliefs and race for the reason that it is their island that is at stake where they dwell and have their origin. Awareness is the foremost device to attain a common goal for the said island.

In addition to this, strategic planning is the component that should be implemented to be able to tackle the organizational and environmental hindrances that arise in which the aspects of the company that comprises of marketing, finance, purchasing, technology, human resources, physical resource, transportation, and leadership should be organized and coordinated properly. When it comes to environmental threats, disaster management needs to be established to facilitate when the time calls for it. The very first supervision is prevention because it addresses the positioning of those measures and activities that will lessen the impact of an adverse incident occurring in your organization.

The primary goals and objectives of the prevention phase of a disaster preparation are to protect the organization's assets and to manage risk. The need for a reaction to an incident or emergency to assess the damage or impact and to ascertain the level of containment and control activity required is called response wherein it deals with life safety, policies, procedures and actions to be followed in the event of an emergency.

The organization should have the determination to process the plans or implementing the resumption of only the most time-sensitive business operations immediately following a disaster. Execute the expanded operations to adopt less time-sensitive business operations immediately following an interruption or disaster and lastly, the procedures for the repair or relocation of the primary site and its contents, and for the restoration of normal operations at the primary site (Moore, 1997, p.1).

For organizational obstacles the first step in any process is the planning stage whereby the operators determine how they will develop the strategic plan. Mission statement defines the operation's purpose within its own market, goal setting is simply what the company hopes to achieve in terms of economic results, community participation and values comes next. In terms of marketing, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis is designated to assess the inconsistency of the product down to the staff turnover and even to poor street signage.

The legislative threats that may contribute to make increase of sales difficult, tourism assessment competition or even the population trends are being handled by the external assessment. Strategic objectives, Strategic and tactical actions or initiatives and also strategic priorities are the tactics in which they supply the information to determine the priorities on which items must be dealt within the short, mid and long term, they measure the outcome to be achieved within a set time frame and to be able to set a standard strategy that allows to assign responsibilities to specific people within the organization (Harris, 1998, p.1)


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