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Transferring business operations to a new site can be a night mare to the management team of that organization. Miami-Dade county school system managers are planning such a venture. With proper knowledge of what needs to be done and with the correct resources and technical support, this process can be successfully achieved. This paper will highlight the steps Miami-Dade County School needs to take. It shall introduce the mission of the organization, then suggest various solutions and possible factors that may influence implementation of the decisions.

It will also outline the implementation plan and how different stakeholders may be impacted by the exercise. Finally, a conclusion shall be drawn based on the discussion made here. The mission of Miami-Dade County School System The Miami –Dade county school has a plan to extend its services to the island of Kava. The need of the Kava government to have quality school system and the support of the idea by several local influential entities has led the Miami-Dade county school system to take the offer. The mission of this organization is to establish a greater presence in the Kava Island.

The kind of presence has not been identified but it has to be the one that will result to a win- win situation for both the organization and the society in Kava. The mission of the organization is also in line with the wish of its founder, Mr. Chris Morales, in doing what is right to the society irrespective of the implications to observing parties. According to Chris, his organization can not continue benefiting from the external relationship it has with Kava while the government of Kava does not benefit much.

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Unfairness is evident for the other organizations working in Kava to benefit Miami-Dade county school system without getting anything in return. Transferring the business culture to Kava is perceived to benefit most institutions. This is part of the mission the school system will try to tackle. Proposed solutions/decisions so that the organization can establish a greater presence on Kava The establishment of a greater presence in Kava by the Miami-Dade county school is an end. There must be a well defined means of arriving at this end.

Solutions are required to give the way forward. One of the solutions to achieve this goal is through participatory approach in the establishment of the new business in Kava. As it known, any project or investment that affects the local people in one way or another and is imposed ends up failing. Wining local support and technically to speak, owning the project, is the basic goal that every new establishment may need to attain. Otherwise, an investor may end up using huge sums of money only to end up being disappointed.

The rationale for participatory approach is that the local people who the project will impact have diverse knowledge of the problems facing their area and they unbelievably have the best solutions to the life challenges they face (Mary, 2008, p. 18). The management of this organization should network with the local Kava government agencies and officials because they first have prior experience in working in the proposed site and understand the behavior of the local people very well. The location of establishment should also be strategic and in consultation of all stake holders.

When doing any important activity, involve the participation of the local communities, which can be made more effective when the organization work hand in hand with the local influential people. All undertakings should be in line with the law and should seek holistically to meet the needs of all the stake holders to a large degree. The organization should not be biased in terms of gender, race, religion or ethnicity in executing its operations. This is because the Kava Island is a metropolitan area with heterogeneous society.

Any show of partisanship will lead the community to loss of the organization’s credibility. Factors affecting implementation of the decisions in an organization and factors affecting implementation of the proposed solutions Although brilliant and viable solutions may be offered to an organization, such solutions only become meaningful to the organization and the society only when they have been implemented. However, whether the suggested solutions will be implemented or not is determined by a number of factors. First, the workability of the suggested solutions is determined.

Some solutions may be the best but not workable. What is offered must be accompanied by the very clear out line of how it can be implemented. Failure to give this outline may lead to delay in the implementation of the project (Mary, 2008, p. 72). . The materials suggested for the implementation of the decisions shall also play a key role. When cheap and readily available materials are suggested, the implementation of the plans would be done sooner than if the materials suggested were expensive and rarely found.

This would be due to a probable constraint of finance or extra costs in obtaining the materials. The person proposing the suggestions is also a determinant if the recommendations will be taken seriously and implemented. In this case, when recommendation is made by Nick without seeking the opinion of Alex and Chris, the Miami-Dade county school may delay in implanting. It was seen that Nik lacked critical experience since he had just come from college. To avoid this kind of doubt, the spirit of teamwork should be strongly embraced at the field level where data is collected.

This is because correct data when analyzed correctly shall form reliable basis of making recommendations and decisions about the project implementation. The organization’s culture is also a determinant. Some organizations take longer time to implement decisions while others treasure in time factor. In this case, the Miami-Dade county school system administration has the society at heart and from the fact that societies are never interested in projects that buy time, the probability is that the decisions reached by Nik together with Alex and Chris shall be implemented the soonest possible.

This is because Chris is influential, Alex’s experience and competence will make the suggested solutions credible and lastly, the organization has recruited Nik in the organization’s force and they have trust in him. Finally, ideas that are in support of the organization’s mission and visions are mostly implemented that those which do not. Based on this point, the decisions suggested here shall be implemented because they are all in line with the plans of the Miami-Dade County School System (Mary, 2008, p. 89).

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