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Indian Political Scenario India was declared a Sovereign free State in the year 1950, and, the patriots who had struggled for this event could, never have visulaised that, after fifty years of that great event, India would be in such a dilapidated political shape as it was, in the year 1998, till now. The year 1998 presented a spectacular change in the political scenario of the country by outsing the erstwhile century old single political party of the country, the Indian National Congress.

This ouster is, on the one side an indication of the disgust people harbour for the party, and, on the other hand, it is indicative of the public’s estimation of the achievements of the party. The long spell of fifty years has brought this political party to such a low level of degradation, that, this reality could not be hidden from the electorate any further. This of course was a good symptom which showed that, the hitherto blind electorate had begun thinking and reflecting.

This in turn meant that, the electorate had now come of age. However, the tragedy of this welcome turn of events was that, the electorate could not wisely turn out one single party to replace the Congress. This has led to an unprecedented and absolute mess in the political arena of the country. The Bhartiya Janta Party has come to power but, with clipped wings and tainted eyes. It came with so many partners in action that, there can never be a genuine consensus on anything or any point.

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Each party is, expects its own ‘pound of flesh’, and, in this effort, the very entity of the Government gets lost, and its functioning becomes problematic. No matter how much the B. J. P. may want to undo the evils of yesteryears but, it just can’t as, it has to wait for 18 nods (24 nods at preserved) and in this only, all matters get dissolved and lost. This, in turn brings out a blurred picture of the B. J. P. It is no wonder that strong steps just can not be taken in any sphere, when views differ, targets are varied, and commitments unclear.

Thus the present scenario of the Government is rather chaotic and pathetic with everyone, the partners, and the opposition ogling with their ugly eyes at the working of the B. J. P. looking for flaws in their fabric. Everyone, yes everyone seems to be intent upon dislodging the Government, which has given the country a little bit of a change from the monotony of the fifty years of Congress. It is wonderful that people when they vouchsafe that, Coalition has come to stay, but it means that, a mess deal has come to stay. It is rue that there are many countries where Coalition Governments are a reality but, then, why not in India? To these protagonists of Coalition Governments it is said that, Coalitions can work only among people with an understanding for each other, people who are interested in letting the Government work, and above all, among people who are disciplined and educated. But all these qualities essentials for an efficient Coalition are lacking among our Indian politicians, then how can a Government of this kind ever be expected to deliver the goods to the public.

It is thus, out of all practicality for India to have a successful Coalition Government through, but still it exist. The various scenes at the Parliament and the State Assemblies show how very immature and childish our politician still is. The politician is not interested in any work but is always found to be using all his energies in how to defame the working party, how to pull the carpet from under the feet of the ruling party, and I dare to say that, yes, all his energies and time are continuously being used in these nefarious activities.

Besides this, specially the Congress who has of governance for so long just can not imagine and adjust to the idea of being on the other side of the fence, and is so, busy trying to malign the Government. So, the position as it stands in 1998, till now after the latest election is that, the Opposition is always opposing, and the now 24 partners are looking for advantages only. With this situation, what can the ruling party be expected to do except just try to justify its actions and try to maintain the chair. Thus, the scene is of no more than confusion and no one is getting the time to do what they are meant to be doing.

How can we expect politicians worse that street urchins, to sit in harmony and deliver the goods. If we keep on experimenting with Coalitions, the day is not far to seek when, India will be a body without a head for, we will not allow any head to function, as, heads there are many but, all without the qualities of heads and hearts. To – day, each politician has his own axe to grind so, we will be living in a ‘Fool’s Paradise’ if we except the modern politician to do anything worthwhile for the public which has gifted them this office of service and respect.

The best Government for India, will be, at the present juncture a very strict dictatorship, provided the dictator is a man of the three Cs – caliber, character and conduct. The present politicians all, yes all, lack these qualities, of the three Cs. Thus if we can be concluded that, a dictatorship is not a viable proposition for India and it is not destined to work, as, for one, the country is too large, an alternative would be a healthy Bi-Party system. It is said ‘Healthy’, because, at present, only to contradict whatever the Government does, or puts up to them, is the work of the Opposition.

It seems that our politicians are taking the meaning of the word opposition in its verbal sense, and they seem to feel that they just have to oppose, and that is all. This is a fractured attitude towards the Government, and a good Opposition can be effective only if it is friendly with the Government, and only brings to light what the Government might have missed. Discussions must be friendly, positive and result oriented rather than just destructive or negative. Only with such a healthy Opposition can there be a meaningful rapport between the Government and the Opposition.

If this can be considered by the people who matter then, perhapse India may have a chance of getting out of the woods. The political scenario to-day is thus one of utter disgust and chaos bad behaviour with a blend of corruption is the summary of the present scene. With a singular motto displacing the Government, all the parties are working, and, if this continues for any more length of time, the law makers will have no face to make laws – as, they are the best and the maximum number of law breakers.

As far as I can see, the 1998, till now political scenario is very dismal, and in its womb is hidden the ultimate collapse of the fabric of independent India. If the freedom fighters of the yesteryears were to see this unhappy scene, they would turn in their graves and wonder why they did so much for such an underserving people. In the last if one say Govt exists, it exists at least in India as the hung Government (of many nods) still continueing.

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