Is K-Pop a Good Influence or Bad Influence?

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What is K-Pop? K-pop or known as Korean Pop is a new music genre that was originally come from South Korea, Asia. Some say K-pop offered another style of music which has catchier and offer easy listening songs for their lovers. What makes it different too is that the style the singer has shown is something new for us and how they can deliver music on their own way that I believe none of this ever existed before. Just like how they could mix perfectly between the upbeat songs with various kinds of dancing and obviously with their good looking actresses who will make anyone who watch it will fall for them.

Good morning Sir/ Madam, today I would like to talk about how K-Pop brings good influences for many teenagers. The love for K-Pop has been spreading widely nowadays, especially in Indonesia. People are arguing whether K-Pop brings a good influence or bad influence for teenagers. Firstly, it is fine for teenagers to like K-pop. I believe to be fond of Korean idol is fine. How could I say so? First, as I read on an article, admiring someone who has professionalism in doing their job will bring a good suggestion to the fans that will suggest the fans to do the same.

As it is already a fan's nature for admiring and feeling proud to the attitude of their idol. Being a K-pop artist is really hard, they must have good grade at school because their grades would show whether they are willing to learn or not, and have a good skill that has been examined by the agency and also a good attitude. So that’s why professionalism is the most important thing for being a K-pop artist. This professionalism will enforce teenagers to do so.

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Fans want to be like their idols, K-Pop idols are showing hard working attitude and how they never give up their dreams and become better as time goes by, for example they undergo packed and brutal training schedule in order for them to be better and better. Thus it will motivates the fans. Another thing that it is already a nature for fans when they love an idol, they'll do everything. Many of K-pop artists are smart, for example is Cho Kyu Hyun who is very smart in Mathematics and has won several Math Olympiads in South Korea, this encourages the fans of Cho Kyu Hyun to study hard as hey are seeing Kyu Hyun as their role model, at the time when Cho Kyu Hyun won several medals he was also in his teenage year, therefore it's easy for fans to look upon him because it suits their situation now. Secondly, teenagers could widen their social intercourse and even knowledge. Why? When someone likes K-pop I can make sure that they will not keep it for her or himself. They will share it with others, for example joining fans gathering, K-pop fans will try to spread the love.

By liking K-pop fans usually will always get the latest updates of their idols as a fans' nature is to dig as much as they can as long as it's related to their idols and that will force them to be aware on how to connect themselves with the world that might make them being sophisticated teenagers. Sounds rare? But that’s the truth. Knowing K-pop will make fans curious about South Korea itself, as they will be trying to be closer to their idols as much as they can, they would try to learn South Korea's culture and language, this is useful for teenagers as it could enriches their knowledge about the world outside.

Furthermore, I would like to say that K-pop unites the world. Teenagers nowadays are able to meet new friends around the world through K-pop fancafe or social networks as they are sharing the same interests. Having friends overseas are good as they'll be using English since English is the universal language and that would train them to speak English more. Articles about K-pop for international fans are also written in English, therefore fans will try to improve their English as they don't want to miss their idols latest updates.

Despite the view from the adults that liking K-pop will cause teenagers to lose their nationalism, as when someone is obsessed about something, they will do everything related to it and by liking K-pop means that teenagers will spend more time in learning about South Korea and forgetting about Indonesia's tradition and culture. Adults have also been saying that K-pop just gives distraction to teenagers. Especially parents think that their children are distracted from their studies as they always think about K-pop, watching videos about K-pop or reading fan fiction and neglect their studies.

Another reason that was given by them is because of the consumerism soul of teenagers. It is true that being K-pop fans is not cheap. Even an album that only has 5 songs in it could cost Rp. 200,000 . It is a fans nature that they want to meet their idols so when their idols come, they become desperate to watch the concerts and moreover whenever there's concert, merchandises such as light-stick, banner would be essential for them to cheer their idols and all of those are not cheap. Adults are thinking that it's just wasting money.

People are saying that K-pop artists are fake and just motivates teenagers to do plastic surgery in order to look pretty or handsome. They are saying that K-pop is all about plastic surgery, the K-pop artists will do it so they can be pretty or handsome and sometimes it's necessary if they want to have a lot of fans in Korean music industry. I myself believe that nothing is wrong with plastic surgery, why would we accuse someone for being fake only because they did plastic surgery? It's not like they are doing crime.

Every person in this world has their own rights, if the K-pop artists want to do it, then it's their rights, it doesn't go against the human rights. Afterall, what is wrong for someone having a desire to have a better look? I don' think that this brings bad influence for teenagers, even in South Korea itself, parents usually give their children plastic surgery as birthday presents and this motivates the children to be a good and well-mannered child if they want to get plastic surgery as their present.

So, I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong with it. All of those are true. However it's back to themselves. It's back to their ability to control themselves and to hold their temptation. As long as it's consumed wisely, I believe that K-pop will only bring good influences for teenagers as I myself experience it. In my experience, I believe that K-pop has bring good influences into my life. Despite people saying that K-pop will distract me from my studies, I am very sure that it doesn't.

In fact, K-pop is one of the main factors that motivates me to study even harder and keep up good marks. I see K-pop as my motivation, I always think that if I study hard and get good results, in the end I can award myself by going to K-pop concerts or buying their official merchandises. Whenever there's a big exam coming, I always make a note which says something like “Rank 1 = K-pop Concert” , and it really motivates me. I really respect all the K-pop artists, they sacrifice everything to chase their dreams.

There's this one quote that always stuck in my head, “If you really want one thing, you have to give up on another” , said Lee Tae Min, a member of SHINee. It teaches me that if I really want something, I have to stick to it, be consistent and not easily influenced by others, I have to focus on my aims. Moreover, K-pop teaches me to fight for what I want, just as what Minho, a member of SHINee, korean boy group says, “ If you don't give up your hopes and dreams, then there will always be a good ending. ” Thank you for your attention and now I end this speech.

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K-pop is a good influence because it encourages creativity, self-expression, and positivity. It also promotes diversity and inclusivity, which can help to create a more tolerant and understanding society. Additionally, K-pop has become a global phenomenon, connecting people from all over the world and bringing them together through music and dance.
What are the negative effect of K-pop?
K-pop can have a negative effect on mental health, as it can lead to unrealistic expectations and feelings of inadequacy. It can also lead to an unhealthy obsession with celebrities, which can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as overspending and neglecting other important aspects of life. Additionally, K-pop can lead to a lack of appreciation for other genres of music.
Is K-pop a good influence on our music industry?
K-pop has had a positive influence on the music industry, bringing a unique sound and style to the global music scene. It has also helped to bridge cultural divides, introducing fans to new genres and artists from around the world.
What are the influences of K-pop?
K-pop has had a major influence on popular culture around the world. It has become a global phenomenon, with its catchy tunes, unique choreography, and colorful visuals. K-pop has also had an influence on fashion, with many fans adopting the style of their favorite K-pop stars.

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