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Is aid good or bad?

Aid is a form of help usually given by the wealthy areas of the world to the poorer areas.Aid tries to help countries to develop and improve their standards of living and quality life.There are many advantages and disadvantages to giving aid.

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The aid that we give can save lives in times of disaster! Giving aid can help to reconstruct livings and housing after a disaster. Aid can also provide medical training, medicines and equipment. This will improve health and standards of living because in other countries, medical care is very expensive and not very good.

It is hard for them to get well trained staff, and the right equipment so if another country can provide this for them, they can give better quality medical attention to more people and for less money. This will save many lives because in a poor country, some people cannot afford to get help and they die, or they get attention but it is not helpful because they don’t have well trained staff, or the right medicine and equipment. Aid for agriculture will increase food production and the quality and quantity of food available.

This will also improve health and standards of living for the people who don’t have food because there will be more available. Aid for industrial development will not only improve transport organisation, but it will also create jobs for those who are jobless and who need money for their families. However, there are some disadvantages of giving aid. Giving aid can cause on Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC’s) to rely on richer countries to supply them with all that they need. Sometimes aid is a loan, not a gift, and poor countries may find it hard to pay back what they owe.

They could get so used to just getting all they need for nothing and failing to progress themselves! Another disadvantage is that the people who need aid the most, may not actually receive it. For example if medical aid was given to a country, they might use it to get well trained staff, and lots of equipment and medicine, just making the prices higher, causing less people being able to afford it, which leads to less people with medical attention, and more people dying or politicians could use the aid for their own means or for political gain.

Or, rather than the aid helping to create more jobs, they could just use it to benefit the people who already have jobs by paying them more. Giving aid could also lead to prices of food and water going up. This could happen if the country spends a lot of money on improving the quality of the food and water then the price ends up increasing. In conclusion, although aid is not always used in the right way, I think that it is a very good thing to give. If aid is shared equally then it is very useful and will really help the country develop and improve their standards of living and quality life.

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