Imperialism is a both good and bad idea

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This is portrayed in the movie apocalypse now. They portray the event the Vietnam war which had many countries imperialistic Vietnam. The war caused the death of millions of people and was very tragic on the Vietnam people and their homeland. This war also had an effect on the soldiers and the horror they witnessed over seas. This movie perfectly captured the idea of the war and what it did to the landscape and people involved in it. Imperialism was a time where countries mainly those in Europe were going around the world and taking over other smaller countries.

The main countries that partook in this event were France, Britain, and Spain in no particular order. These countries did not just one day feel like imperialistic their had to be a need for impersonation. This was normally when the country was in need of money, and or other resources they would go any. Veer and do anything to acquire the resource they needed. For example the French were seeking ports to trade goods so the covered a lot of west Africa coast ensuring they would have large areas of trade.

But many areas did not allow countries to come in and steal their land. Many countries had small UN modern militaries setup and even though they could not defeat the modern weapons and soldiers of the invaders many of hem would fight to keep their land. The natives would often through uprisings though often unsuccessful they would try to fight the much better equipped Europeans who would come in and enslave their people. Many nations not only faced trouble with the natives but with the environment as well.

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Many Europeans were unfamiliar with which plants were harmful or beneficial and in some cases many caught diseases from foreign bugs that they were not prepared to fight off. Many European nations treated the natives of the countries they imperialism as equals France were one country that saw them as such. They were willing o even let some natives become French citizens if they adopted the French language and culture. Some were even given jobs and treated as citizens with the same rights as those in France. But if the natives did not accept their culture and ideas they would be seen as racially inferior.

On the other hand the British gave their natives little support due to the idea that independence means independence from Britain. The British even took the natives out of their armies due to their racist and superior ideology. When nations left the countries they had imperialism they left lasting effects on the people and Netscape. While a nation was imperialistic a country they devastated it. They would kill people in public to show their dominance. They would also euthanize the natives because they felt superior.

Many times they would mow down large numbers of people with machine guns just for standing up for their rights. These events left the countries devastated. Many crops were taken by the ruling nations and they left nothing for the natives. Many nations also left many people dead with many dead bodies around this attracted parasites and bacteria, which spread diseases. Many of the natives were to beaten to ark to keep their families alive So many of them starved to death. This was a common thing that came with imperialism it was also very well portrayed in the film apocalypse now.

Apocalypse now is a film based on a man in the Vietnam war who is sent to kill a fellow soldier who has gone off the deep end. The movie takes place in Vietnam and is very accurate with what they portray. This event follows a Richard Colby who is the officer sent to kill Kurt, the officer who is running his own army in Vietnam and murdering hundreds of people savagely. Joseph Conrad based this "crazed captain" on the character Kurt from the vela Heart of Darkness, but many people feel he is a representation of Tony Poe.

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