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Is Fame Good or Bad?

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Most people think that being famous is heaven, but it's more like hell. What do you think? Phenomenom of fame is widespread around the world. Being famous today is not the same as it was 50-100 years ago. Andy Warhol once said : In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame. Well, in my opinion, that time has come. People from all around the world are trying to get their way out there on the stage. It has become easy to acquire fame, but difficult to keep it. People get famous for doing nothing and the ones who want to become famous don't have many obstacles on their way.

They can just apply on a reality show and soon their names will be on the tops of „the most searched“ lists on Google and Yahoo, and not to mention the yellow press. Little girls and boys from all around the world are, when asked what do they want to be when they grow up, usually answering that they want to be famous. Fame has lost its value. Celebrities with or without justified reasons to be famous are followed by a bunch of paparazzi each day. They are getting interviewed and photographed for worthless magazines intended for masses.

Their private lives become a matter of abstraction and are endangered. As for those whose fame is a result of hard work, talent, high IQ or great achievements, their fame is well-earned. Such are, for example, great writers, mathematicians and artists. They are usually the ones who are, no matter how good they are at what they do, less famous than the ones who deserve it less. That is good because they don't need to sacrifice their private lives, they have their freedom of expression + they make a lot of money. As for me, I'm not a fan of fame and I think it's lame.

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People are sometimes desperate, don't receive enough of attention in their private lives and they search for a way out by becoming an object of admiration in other peoples life by being famous. On the other hand, there are people whose fame is a result of their great work and they have to take that difficult burden of fame on their backs. Either way, I wouldn't like to be famous. Sometimes I don't like being alone, but there are people whose solitude is not even a matter of choice and represents an impossible mission. Threathing my private life, I do the same thing to my familys' and friends' life and that I cannot cope with.

I don't need other peoples admiration to accept myself the way I am. Money, fame, fortune, and everything that goes with it- yes, sure it can be helpful, but having everything is sometimes just the same as having nothing, because it usually means not wanting anything. Any by not wanting anything, we don't have real goals in our life or anything that can bring us joy. That's why I prefer solitude over fame and fortune. It's hard enough to prove to myself everyday, proving myself to whole world everyday would really be a hell.

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Is Fame Good or Bad? essay

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