Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Commercialisation in health care basically means setting up private owned hospitals which in turn are the ones set on the business ethics of profit. But this does not mean that there is no proper treatment. Its true that the charges are more and in India where there are so many poor people cannot afford such high charges.

The govt hospitals draw a lot of people as because the charges are reasonably low and has some fine experienced doctors and not only that these hospitals cover many rural parts too. But when we compare the facilities, hygenic conditions and hospitality then certainly private hospitals are ahead.

People from round the globe are choosing India as there medical destination not because of above facilities mentioned but because they are chaeper than other commercialised hospitals across the world. For an instance, heart bypass surgery will cost around 6500$ in India whereas it will cost around 30000$ in the US.

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The thing is that in a country like ours where there are poor and rich people side by side, there should also be govt and commercialised hospitals sisde by side with the ultimate goal of proper treatment of patients.

In a way good for people who are under the bracket of company insurance. But not effective for those who cannot afford basic medical treatment due to ever increasing costs. People below the poverty line cannot afford to go to a private doctor. Going to a private hospital is beyond their thoughts.

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