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Performing humanitarian activities would less likely be mandated as they normally come from the deep convictions for better community thus CSR could only be deemed to be a choice rather than treating the same as legal obligation of the company. In relation to this, J&J claims that its program of giving is inspired by its company Credo responsibilities to the communities. By its philosophy, the company management and employees are working together and living harmoniously with community around the world.

Thus to see that company’s primary focus lies in making long-term differences in human health as it targets the major health-related issues world should not be surprising. As proof of its efforts in gift giving, the company claims to have contributed $544. 8 million cash and products to charitable causes around the world in 2006 (Johnson & Johnson, 2008). More than the money it bestows to beneficiaries Johnson & Johnson has also focuses on three key strategies that under a wide range of programs.

Declaring to fulfil this and other benevolent efforts, through community –based partnership, the company could do much in helping: to save and improve the lives of people especially of women and children, to educate them to build the skills of people for health needs and to prevent diseases and to reduce the shame and disability created by the disease. Most noticeable is the fact that company do good things where is has a high potential for impact or where their contribution could be felt (Mohr and Webb, 2001; Borbely, et.

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2005;Luo,2006). J&J and the Environment As stated earlier, the company’s Credo has been written 60 years ago from it concern for the environment may be deemed to have been in the minds of person or persons who dreamt how J&J would look even up to his point. Not surprisingly, since it guided by its Credo, the company declares in the same Credo that is must maintain in good order the property that the company is privileged to use, by protecting the environment and natural resources.

In relation to this, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies is committed to environmental excellence through its policies, as it puts in place high environment values in employees, and uses the best environmental practices in all its products sold. This is of course done by its operating companies numbering now not less 250 around the world in about not less than 57 countries thus sustainable development could be attained (Johnson & Johnson, 2008).

Sustainability of business is directly linked with environment as it is the environment that nurtures almost everything including where the business gets is raw materials, the health and well of the people who will work for the production, sale and distribution of the company’s products and even the very health of its customers who will really buy the company’s products and services. There could therefore no way that one is wrong if the activity is directed to protecting and preserving the environment. Johnson & Johnson (2008) also declares that “the environment is the ultimate human health issue.

” Being then one the world’s largest healthcare companies, J&J recognizes the critical working together or symbiosis between human health and the health of the planet Earth. It declares that it must understand the fact about environment degradation, which really poses short and long-term threats to human health. Feeling special sense of responsibility for this, company could only be given due recognition as it tries to protect the environment and to practice living the values as called by its Credo. As proof of its valuing the environment, the company declares Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.

LC, for having installed a “zero” discharge cooling tower water treatment system. The company is proud that project has saved 4. 8 million galloons of water per year and generated $ 29,000 annually as cost savings. The company also claims that system had decreased the burden on the local water authority and government owned treatment works. This contribution of the company to help government projects are in most case tax deductible and hence this could be a great way of reducing taxable income from the company while trying to help people in their own way as they see fit in accordance with the company’s Credo.

For this, the company got recognized with the Pennsylvania Governor’s award for environmental Excellence (Johnson & Johnson, 2008). The company must be strategic in helping to protect by environment through its various CSR activities and taking care of environment has an effect of sustaining economic productivity (Carroll, Thomas, 1983; Slavin, 1996; Samuelson and Nordhaus, 1992) that will make long term grow of the company possible. J&J’s role in HIV/AIDS cure and prevention

The company also claims that as a global company it has dedicated it business to human health for more than 120 years. For this reason, J&J has profound and long-lasting commitment to call upon its skills and resources to help address what is surely one of the most important health issues of the present generation in the word --the HIV/AIDS/. It has therefore become its priority to develop health care for people who have HIV/AID that it even claimed that it is inherent in is duty to the global community as expressed in its Credo.

The company’s objectives in making a difference in the lives of those infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS lies in knowing and doing: how to develop and effective new medicines and how to make a diagnosis against said HIV disease and its related infections; how to enhance access to company’s projects as well as how to provide needed patient’s care support; how to provide contributions so as to help communities and individuals especially the most susceptible ones to HIV/AIDS; and how to make it workplace programs delivered by its employees to the community (Johnson & Johnson, 2008).

As proof of its accomplishment under this category, it is claiming credit to the accomplishment of Tibotec Therapeutics, one of its members of Family of Companies. The company has recently received approval for its first antiretroviral medicine for HIV/AIDS and hence this must be a big accomplishment for the J & J since many people and even from the scientific community is waiting on how to attack this dreaded disease.

The company also claims to sponsor HIV/AIDS charitable programs in locations around the globe and that the company’s scheme will build on this portfolio and will merge financial, medical and human resources to address the problem. The act of extending help to the community such as this program is also in a way, a kind of marketing strategy (Churchill, Jr. and Peter, 1995; Cooper, L. , 2000; Kotler, 1994) of being closer the company to the customers.

By so doing charitable works, the company is endeared to the community and customers would have the feeling that the company is not just for profits but that it is also interested in proving problems to the community. In all probability, this must be a perfect move for the company since it is just utilizing its resources to keep people alive and health and who would in turn buy the company’s products when they get well.

Business then in the minds of the stockholders is not just making money and getting more wealth, it is rather the act of providing the most responsible products and services to customers and in the process by rightfully doing so, one would have profits as rewards. This must be placing well in proper perspective since investors all go into business with their cost of doing business that must be compensated by returns. 2. 2 Resolution of second issue: Has the company benefited from these CSR activities?

J&J has been performing and accomplishing its CSR activities well and it appears to be beneficial to the company investors as measured in terms of increasing sales, increasing profits, earnings diluted earnings per share and even increasing dividend per share over the last few years as evidence from the following graphs. Increasing sales despite the millions of dollars spent on CSR is valuable to the company, hence in these sense CSR activities could not only be helping the economy in the short term but is actually helping it sustain its long-term business.

The graphs below show increasing sales and profitability. Source: Annual Report, Johnson and Johnson, 2007 Source: Annual Report, Johnson and Johnson, 2007 The company was also able to translate its increasing sales and profitability (Droms, 1990; Meigs and Meigs; 1995; Plunkett and Attner (1985) and CSR activities accomplishment in terms increasing earnings per share and dividend per share as indicated below: Source: Annual Report, Johnson and Johnson, 2007 The company’s embracing and living in accordance with its Credo has in fact opened the door for more business opportunities as indicated below:

Source: Annual Report, Johnson and Johnson, 2007 3. 2 Conclusion It is can be concluded that J&J CSR policies speak for the company’s conviction to have chosen CSR activities more than being compelled by any law to do what it has started doing to do and continues to do at present. That Johnson and Johnson has benefits from the use of CSR activities in its business is simply undeniable as shown in better profits, better earnings per share and dividends per over the years. These benefits may just be fruits of the application of it Credo principles as translated into company policies over the years.

This paper therefore found that there is good relationship to practicing CSR and the long term success off the company and for John CSR may be considered as strategy (Brays, 1991; Pearson, 1999; Porter, 1980) that is adopted by the company as the company believes the concept is beneficial to its business from economic, social and legal sense of the word. This supported by the fact that it has opened a door of more business opportunities for the company in the near future. Appendix A:



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