Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Issue of Johnson & Johnson Corporation

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This paper seeks to analyze two strategic issues that international firms perceive as important factors (e. g. economic, social, cultural, legal and technological and so on) in addressing a corporate social responsibility issues and evaluated them from various theoretical perspectives. 1. 1 Company Overview Johnson & Johnson (J&J) was founded in 1887, which now has a more than a hundred thousand employees in not less 200 operating companies in 57 countries found around the world.

The said companies could have thousands of products under the three business segments operated under the control J & J. Its corporate governance talks about its management structure when one could know on how Johnson & Johnson does its responsibilities as its defined in its Credo via its ethical business conduct practices. This therefore speaks about the importance of having ethics in doing business at it could not be assumed that business is not purely profits and money.

It claims to be committed to have a varied and motivating workforce. By its diversity section is illustrated how the Credo continues to lead out the company’s way of deciding on factors affecting the company whether coming internally or externally. It recognizes diversity as part of its culture as it is here that J &J shows how it values the differences in age, race, gender, and nationality. In fact said diversity values extend to respecting and recognizing varied sexual orientation, physical ability and thinking style.

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Because of this J & J expects to have richness in background in its people in the working environment. 2. Analysis and Discussion The two strategic issues that will be answered in this paper include: (1) whether Johnson & Johnson has chosen to have corporate social responsibility activities in its business or it is merely doing same to comply with legal requirements, and (2) whether such choice is benefiting from its use or adoption. 2. 1 Resolution of the first issue:

Has the company chosen to have corporate social responsibility activities or it is just being compelled to do because of legal requirements? This part will prove that the company has freely chosen to do its CSR activities based primarily from its Credo which the company has translated into different categories including its governance, contributors program, environment commitments and health and safety efforts. It also extended the same to performing its role in preventing HIV/AIDS as well as cure for the latter’s victims.

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