The Role of Job Evaluation

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Job evaluation system is an imperative part of any organization to evaluate importance of a job prevailing in any organization. Job evaluation highlights value addition by an employee in an organization. This system facilitates skilled and professional staff to review importance of one job in comparison with others. Grading, pay scale, benefits are a few parameters established on the basis on job ranking methods selected by an organization. It strictly evaluates a job and not the employee performing it (Managers-net, n. d. ). It assesses jobs and its worth with comparison to another.

Job evaluation is a useful method in justifying the existence of a job in an organization. Factor Evaluation System Factor Evaluation System is a common job evaluation method used to assign grades to different positions in a company. This comprises of nine factors based on which grading is given (Classifier, 1991). These factors illustrate importance of the job nature and specific know how and skills required performing a particular job. It also considers how the work will be distributed and reviewed. Presence of a guideline like policies and procedures or manuals to assure work is being carried out under a specific direction.

It is vital to identify the intricacy of job and height difficulty while doing it. Purpose and need of the job has to be evaluated, to know the impact of a particular job on different internal departments and on the organization as a whole. Different people the job requires to be in touch with, these people maybe from different departments or routines clients. Physical attributes or dexterity required to perform a specific job. Most importantly it also considers physical surroundings including risks and discomforts in which an employee will be working.

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