What Factors Affect Job Satisfaction?

Last Updated: 27 May 2020
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Studies of the correlation between the extrinsic and intrinsic aspects that provide for job satisfaction, has been widely analyzed and studied. This study proposes to analyze whether the age of the employee and length of employment has any relations with job satisfaction.

Employees of an educational and research institution were surveyed to establish if the company commands high or low job satisfaction. Having participated in a similar survey a year ago, the new findings were used to compare with previous findings to see if job satisfaction has changed. A correlation and linear regression found that neither age nor sex could be used to accurately establish job satisfaction.

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Future analysis should have an emphasis on categories and age groups that score low on job satisfaction. This survey is important and can be employed by other businesses to test the level of job contentment. Employees who have a job satisfaction tend to be more dedicated to the organization, value their work and are more productive. Random sampling of various age groups was used in this study in order to come up with an accurate finding.

The study encompassed the employees as well as the management. In the company’s workforce, 40% percent are male while 59% are female. Based on the findings of the survey there seemed to be a significant relationship between other demographics like sex, year employed, age as factors affecting job satisfaction. A lack of management to employee’s communication is also one of the factors that affect the employees’ satisfaction.


Melbourne institute is a large educational facility that also doubles as a research institute.  There are employees here who work full time while others are on short term contracts. Many studies have been conducted to establish the aspects that affect job satisfaction. Irregardless of age studies have shown that a large percentage of full term employed expressed a high level of contentment compared to the short or part time workers.

Generally a multiple of reasons would motivate an employee to remain in a given company; this may include high pay, job security, benefits during work and retirement. An individual’s number of working years is sometimes proportional to their age. This is important as it is considered status by both the employees and the employer.

There are a myriad of considerations that will make an employee decide to stay, extrinsic items are those that have been bestowed to the employee by the employer this may include, praise, bonuses etc. the opportunity of progress is also an important consideration, if an employee feels that they cannot advance despite their age they are bound to consider moving to another company. Job satisfaction is one of the most important attribute of the employment relationship.

The implications of job satisfaction are extremely influential in that they can determine other factors like productivity, efficiency as well as turnover in an organization. It is no longer acceptable for workers to work for minimum wage. Every employee wants to be employed on clear terms with a stable salary, but this alone is not pertinent enough to establish job satisfaction.

The relationship between an employer and the employees should provide for means by which they can both achieve their objectives since if  employees are deemed to be satisfied in their capacities its is assumed that their output is greater and quality of work is high. This is first achieved by first appreciating that the benefits are mutual and that both the employer and the employee need each other.

Coupling job satisfaction with the age of the employees as well as the length of time they have been employed gives another dimension of the relationship. This relationship not only entails how the employee is viewed by the employer but also by other future prospective employers. Senior employees who have been working for long and have a wide range of experience can be valuable to a company. Experience is also an aspect that is tied to age.

If the employer is reward adequately for his service he may have little concern in looking for alternative employment. At the start of career, most employees are satisfied with a good starting salary but as years progress and to get job satisfaction, most of them turn their emphasis on job security. Job satisfaction is a combination of cognitive and effective contentment expressed by an individual.

Effective contentment is one based on the entire emotional aspect of the individual. This study seeks to establish if there is a relationship between age and job satisfaction (Biderman, 1995).

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