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I feel that I would be ideal for this position and would fit in well into your organisation because of the relevant skills and experience that I have acquired in previous roles that I have done. My last job was dropping off and picking up disabled children to and from their school. One child is wheelchair bound and the rest have severe mental problems, (i. e. autism), therefore my driving had to be calm and stable avoiding sudden movements whilst keeping to a schedule to make sure that the children would arrive to school on time.

Sometimes the children required special attention and patience for which I was prepared for and did gladly, as my character is that of being helpful and caring as I feel satisfaction from doing so. I have a lot of experience dealing with customers in previous customer service roles that I've done, sometimes having to deal with awkward and angry customers and I would try to deal with them with a positive and helpful approach not taking any abuse that I would receive personally and in my experience this would always resolve these types of situations well. I am able to work well in a team but I can also work well on my own initiative.

I work in a responsible manner making sure all the required tasks are done to the best of my abilities and on time. I am an organised and punctual person able to work well to schedules and making sure that I pass on any required information to the relevant people. Overall I think that my strengths and skills are well suited for your organisation not only in a bus driver role but also any other position that you feel would be suitable. I am looking for a job that is permanent and think that this role would be ideal for that reason, and I am a very good driver or so I have been told by many people.

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