Jamba Juice – Porters 5 Forces: Suppliers Essay

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The bargaining power of providers. one of Porter?s Five Forces. can hold a important consequence on an organisation. Suppliers hold power over a house when they increase monetary values and cut down the quality of their merchandise and the house can non utilize their ain pricing to retrieve these alterations in costs. Switch overing costs is the “negative costs that a consumer incurs as a consequence of altering providers. trade names. or products” . Switch overing costs can stand for a assortment of things: clip and attempt. cost in dollars. and any other negative consequence associated with exchanging providers. Companies that remain successful for many old ages implement a scheme that makes it difficult for purchasers to exchange from their merchandise to rivals. Jamba Juice requires fresh fruits. juices. dairy merchandises. vitamins. and protein ingredients in order to bring forth their smoothies. Their shift costs are low. because it is easy for them to exchange from one company of providers to another. The shift costs for their clients are besides low. because it is really easy for a client of Jamba Juice to take to travel to Starbucks or Orange Julius alternatively. There is non much of a pecuniary difference or excess attempt required for the client ( Hitt. 52 ) .

Jamba Juice has providers of all of the ingredients of their smoothies including the dairy. fruits. juices. vitamins. and proteins. Their basic natural stuffs are fresh fruits and veggies. dairy merchandises. and protein ( Jamba Juice ) . Natural stuffs are defined in Investopedia as “A stuff or substance used in the primary merchandise or fabrication of a good” ( Investopedia ) . Suppliers provide the natural stuffs to do the finished good. Jamba Juice offers existent fruit juices and smoothies. staff of lifes. pretzels. and packaged bites. Jamba Juice says they merely offer high quality smoothies. hence merely the finest fruit and supplies are used. They do rely to a great extent on their providers. particularly those of fruit. They have a end to supply high quality fruit that is consistent throughout the twelvemonth.

When telling fruit. they order a jutting sum for the whole twelvemonth at the extremum of the season for each specific fruit. The monetary value of fruit is determined by supply and demand and can change greatly. Jamba Juice has a contract with independent distributers who dispense merchandises from the providers to the shops. Therefore the provider power is low. Jamba Juice prides itself in functioning healthy nutrients and merely healthy nutrients. They besides pride themselves on utilizing fresh fruit. If the fruit they are presently purchasing rises in monetary values all of a sudden so the franchise can merely take to purchase its fruit from another provider. For this ground there isn’t truly that much power. Plus the shop is franchised so every Jamba Juice buys it’s merchandises from a different provider. it’s non like they all depend on one.

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The concentration of purchasers for Jamba Juice can be focused into two classs. The first class is the consumers. which travel to the specific locations to buy goods such as a smoothy or burgoo. The 2nd grouping of purchasers is the 1s who choose to buy a Jamba Juice franchise ( U. S. ) . The dickering power of the two separate types of purchasers depends on Jamba Juice?s merchandise distinction. The purchasers looking to have a franchise have the chance to buy any type of company that has the option to franchise their locations. With the premise that Jamba Juice?s purchasers are looking for a specific franchise of “processed & A ; packaged goods. ” so the focal point turns to companies like Dairy Queen. Maui Wowi and Smoothie King Franchises ( Jamba ) . Each of these nutrient locations within the United States proposes the pick to franchise.

This handiness of franchised companies gives purchasers the determination to take and make a determination based on their list of values needed within a shop. The ultimate consumers have noticed their pick among the huge sum of smoothy options throughout their communities. The three major rivals force the purchasers to distinguish which company they believe offers the “best” smoothy. Starbucks is presently viing with Jamba Juice?s purchasers within the breakfast nutrient market. Therefore the purchaser power is Medium. The populace is reasonably used to it’s life style of fast nutrient. Ironss like this are based largely on convenience. Besides the fact that this shop goes off of a healthy life style. they are traveling to acquire a niche market who will back up them no affair what.


Substitutes are defined as a merchandise or service that is non in the same industry as your merchandise. but can execute the same map as your merchandise. Substitutes possess a menace to Jamba Juice because clients do non hold high shift costs ; therefore it is easy for a client to take a replacement over Jamba Juice?s smoothies. Many of the replacements related to Jamba Juice are similar in monetary value and quality ; therefore they do non hold much distinction from their replacements. Differentiation of a merchandise can assist cut down the menace of replacements. This adds value to a merchandise that is of import to clients. Jamba Juice has differentiated itself by offering its clients healthy refreshments. This will appeal to the wellness witting market that is merely interested in seting healthy nutrient and drinks into their organic structures. This is a niche that is going more popular to people in the US. Consumers value alimentary options to hike their energy every bit good as give them much-needed vitamins. The smoothy industry has besides grown because many Americans skip repasts and do non hold healthy eating wonts and they rely on smoothies to give them a choice me up bite and good needed vitamins. There are many menaces that exist to the smoothy industry.

Some replacements that pose the highest menace are java. soft drinks. healthy juices. energy drinks and milk shakes. Each of these replacements is similar in monetary value and quality of Jamba Juice. Even with market rates diminishing in soft drinks and java. they still pose a menace as a replacement for Jamba Juice. Coffee is still a menace to Jamba Juice?s smoothies. particularly with successful companies such as Starbucks and Tully?s Coffee. These are well-known companies and trade name names that people know and trust. There is a Starbucks on every corner and the company is really accessible throughout the United States. Milkshakes and ice pick may be another replacement for Jamba Juice. Ice pick can carry through the same demand of a cold creamy drink or refreshment. Topographic points such as TCBY. Cold Stone. and Baskin Robins offer clients the option of a creamy milk shake on a hot summer twenty-four hours or scoops of ice pick. In add-on. many of these ice pick stores besides serve fruit smoothies.

Jamba Juice has differentiated its merchandise line by doing natural smoothies with less sugar. This gives them an border over the replacement of milk shakes or sugary smoothies. Many are get downing to seek healthy drinks such as smoothies and healthy fruit juices such as Bare Juices. This can be another replacement to smoothies. Bare Juices are 100 percent juice with no added sugar or preservatives. They offer a assortment of tasty spirits every bit good as adding antioxidants. protein. and many other foods. Bare Juice is besides get downing to add smoothies to their merchandises. which make them really competitory to Jamba Juice. Therefore the menace of replacements is high. There are a batch of replacements to replace Jamba Juice due to low shift cost for clients and many other merchandises to replace it with.


In the nutrient and drink industry. Jamba Juice has a batch of rivals. Since the company is now get downing to function breakfast nutrients in add-on to drinks. they are in direct competition with 1000s of new concerns. Some of the chief rivals are Starbucks. McDonald?s. and shortly to be bottled drinks at your local food market shops. However. Jamba Juice is seeking to be more aggressive by making clients in locations where other concerns haven?t tried excessively difficult to pull. For illustration. Jamba Juice has late announced that they want to get down opening booths at airdromes and at universities and colleges throughout the state. There are legion rivals in the same industry as Jamba Juice. many of which hold a larger portion of the industry. However. Jamba Juice is spread outing their bill of fare by making more nutrient type options. such as burgoo. The job with this is the fact that this opens up their company for more rivals to take them down. Jamba Juice is come ining a whole new market with a big figure of rivals by functioning nutrient.

By functioning nutrient to those clients who already purchase smoothies they are taking that much concern off from their competition. They are carry throughing a demand that has been overlooked. As mentioned earlier. McDonald?s is positioning themselves to take over all of the nutrient and drink market by making merchandises that are similar and cheaper than their rivals. For illustration. McDonald’s late expanded their market by making the McCafe eating house concatenation. Therefore grade of competition is really high. There are a batch of eating houses that sell smoothies and besides some that sell healthy nutrient. Because of this Jamba Juice has to work hard to remain in front of the competition. Normally one time a client chooses a topographic point they like they stick with it. It’s merely acquiring the client to lodge with them.

New Entrants

The barriers to entry in an industry are a step of how easy it is for a new market entrant to come in into a given industry. In order to judge if the industry that Jamba Juice is in has a high or a low barrier to entry it is necessary to analyze several cardinal indexs of a high or low barrier to entry. These cardinal factors include economic systems of graduated table. merchandise distinction. capital demands. exchanging costs. entree to distribution channels. cost disadvantages independent of graduated table. authorities policy. and expected revenge. The first cardinal factor to finding whether or non an industry has a high barrier to entry is to analyze the companies that can run off of economic systems of graduated table. Economies of graduated table are derived from incremental efficiency betterments through experience as a house grows larger. So as the quality of a merchandise produced during a given period additions. the cost of fabricating each unit declines. Economies of graduated table are non considered to be a barrier to entry for Jamba Juice or its rivals. Jamba Juice is a retail merchant specialising in selling healthy merchandises such as burgoo and smoothies.

These merchandises are customizable and customizable merchandises are non produced in adequate measures to accomplish economic systems of graduated table. Therefore new possible rivals to Jamba Juice seeking to sell comparable customizable fruit merchandise would non happen economic systems of graduated table to be a barrier to entry in this instance. The 2nd barrier to entry is merchandise distinction. This happens when a company can convert consumers that its merchandises are alone and construct trueness to the merchandises. A company can besides offer a set of different but related merchandises to increase the barrier to entry. Jamba Juice has established this barrier to entry in the fact that their trade name works on extremely customizable blended fruit drinks which their advertisement emphasiss as healthy and alone bites. Once clients are loyal to Jamba Juice and its merchandise line. it would be difficult for a new market entrant to change over Jamba Juice clients over to their merchandise line. In order to antagonize this. a new market entrant would hold to competitively monetary value their merchandises at lower monetary values. This could ensue in reduced net incomes or even a loss and therefore is unsafe to make.

The capital demands for entryway into Jamba Juice’s market are non extended and don’t represent a serious barrier to entry. Since Jamba Juice is a comparatively little operation. the overall costs in opening a location would non be extended. A new market entrant could easy open up a smoothie base or little shop and compete with Jamba Juice. The lone resource that would revenue enhancement the new market entrant would be the excess selling needed to derive market portion early on. As discussed earlier. exchanging costs are erstwhile costs clients incur when they buy from a different provider. These costs pose small barriers to entry for Jamba Juices market. A client merely has to drive to a different location if they wanted to exchange trade names. In order to increase shift costs. companies could offer loyalty wages plans designed to increase the customer?s inclination to return for repetition concern. Another effectual barrier to entry is entree to distribution channels. If Jamba Juice wants to sell its merchandises in food market shops it would hold to vie for new shelf infinite with all the bing trade names. In order to make so they would hold to offer monetary value price reductions and concerted advertisement. which would cut into their net incomes.

That facet of Jamba Juice?s market has a high barrier but the other facet of base entirely fruit juice bases do non. Cost disadvantages independent of scale involve cost advantages that a new market entrant can non copy. The most relevant barrier to entry for the fruit drink market would be the physical locations of the Jamba Juice shops. If Jamba Juice has a premier location that a new market entrant can non entree. so the barrier to entry in that country would be big. For illustration. Jamba Juice has little booths in airdromes. The barrier to entry of authorities policy is comparatively simple in footings of nutrient and imbibe ordinance. A new market entrant would merely necessitate to follow the jurisprudence and obtain the proper permits to sell nutrient and drinks. This would present no barrier for a company serious about acquiring into the market. The last barrier to entry that a new market entrant would necessitate to analyze would be the expected revenge from the established market rivals.

If a new market entrant attempts to travel into a market that is in direct competition with Jamba Juice. so they can anticipate a revenge of increased publicities. price-cutting. or new trueness plans from Jamba Juice to protect its market portion. A manner to short-circuit this barrier is to happen a niche that is non yet focused on by the bing market. Overall the barrier to entry for a company that wants to vie with Jamba Juice is reasonably low to mid scope of trouble. It is easy to acquire into the market because one can construct shops rapidly and it does non necessitate extended capital to come in the industry.

The lone oppositions that Jamba Juice and other established rivals have erected are a strong merchandise distinction and client trueness. In order for a new market entrant to win. they would necessitate to concentrate on advertisement and happening something to distinguish themselves from the current industry leaders. Therefore the Threat of new entry is Low. Most of these eating houses are reasonably established and have a nucleus client base who are loyal to their merchandises. The lone menace of new entry they have is if an set up eating house who doesn’t sell smoothies decides to add smoothies to their bill of fare.

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