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The design stage provides the greatest opportunity to reduce costs the life cycle costs of products. Supply management and the firm's suppliers have major contributions to make during this process. Question 4 of 16 After realizing true costs in the production stage, the design stage provides the second greatest opportunity to reduce costs the life cycle costs of products. Question 5 of 16 A SMS firm views its quality system and the supplier's quality system as two parts of a single integrated system. Question 6 of 16 A SMS firm views its quality system and the supplier's quality system as two separate yester.

Question 7 of 16 Supply management personnel often function as facilitators, coordinators, contract administrators, and consultants in procurement of equipment. Question 8 of 16 Among the reasons that firms utilize leases are: they would like to purchase the equipment at a later time and the firm wants freedom and flexibility. Question 9 of 16 The four formats for statements of work given in the textbook are: performance, functional, design and level-of-effort. Question 10 of 16 Supply management frequently must assume a less active role in services recurrent than when purchasing materials.

Question 11 of 16 Which of the following is not one of the typical questions to ask prior to inviting a supplier into the design process as presented in the book? A. Will the supplier be able to provide price concessions B. Will the supplier be able to meet our cost, quality, and product performance requirements? C. Does the supplier possess the required engineering capability? D. Will the supplier be able to meet our development and production needs? E. Does it have the necessary physical process and quality capabilities required? Answer Key: A

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Question 12 of 16 Which of the following is not associated with the development phase of the design process? A. Development of prototypes B. Design reviews C. QualifIcation testing D. Failure analysis E. Value analysis Answer Key: E Question 13 of 16 following activities except one in the list. Which activity does not fit? A. Make or Buy and Outsourcing Analysis B. Select Components, Technologies, and Supplies C. Stress Testing D. Marketing Analysis E. Failure Analysis Answer Key: D Question 14 of 16 Which of the following is not a generalization about value? A.

Value can be defined s the lowest end cost at which the function can be accomplished at the time and place and with the quality required B. Value is determined objectively and subjectively by design engineers C. Some items/services/processes which cost less than a similar item/service/process may accomplish the function in a superior or equal manner D. Value cannot be determined exclusively by an examination of the item/service/process being evaluated E. The value of any service, material, or product is established by the minimum cost of the other alternatives that will perform the same function

Answer Key: B Question 15 of 16 Which of the following is not true of Six Sigma? A. Six Sigma is a broad and comprehensive system for building and sustaining business performance, success, and leadership B. The key focus is on processes C. Measurement of both processes and products is critical to Six Sigma success D. Six Sigma calls for zero defects E. Statistical six sigma goal is near-perfection, 3. 4 defects per million opportunities (DEMO) Question 16 of 16 A. Design B. Measure C. Analyze D. Lampooner E. Control http://biology-forums. Com/index. PH? Topic=92464. O

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