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Starbucks Target Market

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?Starbucks Target Market Starbucks Target market is nine-to-five workers inurban centers and surrounding suburbs, but in general any age, and any person too. Their costumers identifying a clear Value proposal, because is best communicated simply when some person had made the decision to drop into a retail store, stay awhile, and then share with co-workers the next day the experience had there. Howard Schultz said in his vision of Starbucks that "you get more than the finest coffee when you visit... you get great people, first-rate music, a comfortable and upbeat meeting place, and sound advice on brewing excellent coffee at home. In positioning itself as a unique entity in a land with nothing similar, a Starbucks store was promoted to be "a place where you can sit back and be yourself. " The company vision included that "at home you're part of a family... at work you're part of a company... and somewhere in between... " there is a Starbucks! So the Starbucks product, while ingrained in its coffee, is really the overall experience. The price of an actual brewed cup of coffee was consistent with the image of being "a notch above" or a "worthwhile experience"--higher than most competitors.

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Starbucks Target Market

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And the place where Starbucks offered its product was primarily its retail outlets. To experience Starbucks fully, one must go to an actual Starbucks location. In this respect, the location of a Starbucks relative to customer convenience was important, and Starbucks developed a "real estate opportunistic" attitude to address this--that is it did not necessarily wait for the ideal building or lot to become available, Starbucks was flexible in terms of retail space layout and design to fit the location convenience of its target market

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