Individual Privacy vs. National Security

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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National Security has taken a new shape after the events of September 11, 2001, that is why I have selected the topic of Individual Privacy vs. National Security. I have selected this topic because of the amount of attention that has brought to this topic over the last ten years. There are many issues that the American people have with the government pushing what people believe cross privacy bounds thus causing court cases forcing policy changes. The ruling in the courts will affect how our government is able to gather information on possible terrorist threats while trying to keep the people’s rights protected.

I plan on limiting the research by looking at key events that really have sparked the American people to uproar at the U. S. government. In looking at they more key events it will help to cut down the amount of hits that I will get in a search engine. The idea is that if certain issues really fire up the people then how will future bills or laws passed by the government be affected by pass rulings in the courts. In my paper I plan on looking into the Patroit Act and how this really affects what the government is allowed to do when they think someone is involved in terrorist acts.

Also the other hot topic is that right now the government really does not need a warrant to track your cell phone using the different GPS signals. These are two of the biggest issues that could really help to shape current policy that the government uses to track people of interest. I am taking the side that there are times that the people of America need to give up some of their rights so that the government can protect them. It is a give and take relationship so there are times that both sides must find a common ground. Yet, there are times that the governments needs to have the ability to protect our national security at all cost.

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