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The Lessons Learned for U.S. National Security Policy Since 9/11

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The 9/11 significantly influenced maritime safety by driving focus of global power on maritime security. The tragic incident affected the whole world. Various factors such as political instability and emergence of terrorist organizations undermined maritime security. Piracy is also on the rise after a temporary control.

Maritime traffic has also increased considerably and disruption of trade through attacks can cause a huge economic loss. There is an increased risk of piracy, terrorist attacks and environmental destruction. Consequently, measures were implemented to implement new maritime safety strategies.

Countries are also focusing on protecting waters outside their geographical area and the emergence of China as a leading economy has influenced the politics and economy of the Indo-Pacific region. This research paper focuses on various aspects of maritime security after 9/11 incidents.

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The international community reacted to the terrorist attacks of September 11th with various strategic plans and security measures (affected directly by the United States reaction) that led to a significant change in the field of maritime transportation and security. Task forces have been created to scan vessels sailing in and out of many countries, particularly the U.S –bound containers for dangerous materials such as nuclear weapons.

The concept of Importer Security Filing has emerged which enables authorities to acquire information about importers planning to access ports. Such steps were taken to reduce the risk of maritime attacks globally.

This study will focus on the changing maritime security strategies post 9/11 and highlight new threats and risks. The study will also explore the measures taken to address new risks. This study will also focus on the geopolitics of Maritime Security strategies. It will also shed light on the fact that a lot of measurements have been implicated far away from the United States, rather in the Indian Ocean and Pacific regions.

It will also spot a light on the reasons behind global nations exerting naval efforts outside their geographical regions. The study will also look at contemporary eco-political changes and their effect on the current maritime strategies. The results of the study can be used by governments worldwide to identify new risks and devise new strategies to further secure maritime routes.

September 11, changed the concept of “security” globally and not just in the U.S. as new threats began to emerge and countries responded by analysing them and implementing new strategies. In today's global environment, serious threats are faced with global and national stability.

It is not possible to defend these waters by traditional strategies of defence that have been implemented prior to the attacks. The 9/11 attacks have highlighted many issues and changed the idea of maritime security worldwide. There is a need to identify new risks and measures taken to address the issue.

President George W. Bush named 11 th of September a Patriot Day. On this day Americans remember and pray for the all the people who lost their lives on that day. America is much more prepared for such situations. Although you can never be fully prepared for such tragic event, giving their extensive training and hard courses that they put in , America is now inclined when it comes to these situations.

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