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Writing is important in one’s career and this is because many people expect one to write for them. College instructors ask students to write reports, research papers and essay exams. Job hunting usually requires one to write application letters. Once hired, writing will figure prominently in one’s duties. One can be asked to discuss the possibilities of new computer equipment, report on a conference he/she attended, or explain the advantages of safety procedures to staff or supervisors. Thus, the ability to write will help one earn better grades, land the job he wants and advance one’s career.


One’s writing ability yields benefits in the workplace especially when people see that one is able to express his/her thoughts well on paper. He/she is easily assigned jobs that will make one shine on the job. However, one has to know the importance and advantages of writing. Indeed, writing offers very real advantages to both writers and readers. Some of these are:

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1. It gives writers time to reflect on and research what they want to communicate and then lets them shape and reshape the material to their satisfaction.

2. It makes communication more precise and effective

3. It provides a permanent record of thoughts, actions and decisions.

4. It saves the reader’s time: one is able to absorb information more swiftly when he/she reads it than when he/she hears it.

Writing operates on a delayed-action fuse, detonating its ideas in the readers’ minds at a later time and place. Sometimes problems follow. In face-to-face conversations, one can observe the listeners’ reactions and whenever one notes signs of hostility, boredom or puzzlement, one can alter one’s tone, offer some examples or ask a question.

When one writes, however, the words on the page carry one’s message. Once written work has left one’s hands, it’s on its own. One cannot call it back to clear up a misunderstanding or satisfy a disgruntled reader. Read about 

Prewriting, Writing and Revising 


One usually writes in response to a situation. On the job, one can easily narrate an incident on writing and have upper management review the details in a chronological and accurate manner. That would only be possible if one has the facility to write one’s thoughts in an orderly manner.

If one’s writing is faulty, then, the reader will have a difficult time understanding what one has to say (Evans). The situation on the job often determines the purpose and audience of the paper as well as its content, style and organization. One does not then, write in isolation but rather to communicate with others who have an interest in the message. To do an effective job, one will need to understand the different situations that can prompt a piece of writing and respond accordingly.


One needs to explore the different facets of writing and continue to walk with words until he/she reaches the destination. It is like traveling in a foreign land but learning more than one can ever imagine. One needs to practice writing again and again in order to hone one’s writing abilities. One’s writing skills would come handy as I on the job as he/she will be required to write reports every now and then. This is the reason why students need to master my writing because they could use it in the future in order to develop their careers.

Professionals often write as members of specific communities. For instance, biologists with similar interests often exchange information about their research. The members of a community share goals, values, concerns, background information and expectations, and this fact in turn affects how they write. Because such writing is closely tied to the interests of the work or the community, professional articles often start with a section linking their content to previous research projects and articles.

Often, too, custom dictates what information must be included such as the pattern of organization, and the style the paper should follow. Throughout college, one discovers that part of learning to write is becoming familiar with the values and customs of different work fields.


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