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Apple Phone already created a boom relied, now it is time for smart tablets to take over the boom. Well-known companies such as Apple and Samsung have already launched tablets called pad and Galaxy Tab and they have become very popular with people and are getting more popular. As Samsung is already known as one of the top electronic devices providers, customer awareness AT ten Drank Is relatively enlarger tan toner competitors, however, the marketing team provides MIMIC plan throughout the report to gain more customer awareness and sales.

Samsung targets its main target market to 15 to 50 year old middle to high income genuineness, women or students who are mostly early adopters and want to try new high-tech products. The estimated target market size is approximately 10,048,226. It is true that still Apple pad is dominating the tablet market by 75% and Samsung Galaxy Tab follows next acquiring 22%, however, Galaxy Tab is closing the gap day by day. As Galaxy Tab is a little cheaper than pad, people who are price sensitive would prefer Galaxy Tab to pad.

Samsung aims to increase more than 25% of the tablet market by the end of March 2012, and increase customer awareness towards Galaxy Tab 2 from 55% to 75% by the first quarter of 2012. Samsung is going to use various media tools to promote the product through period 1 to 3 from September 2011 to March 2012. See below; In the period 1, for the whole month of September before the release of the product, on the Youth site Galaxy Tab will be broadcast worldwide.

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The next period, on the release day, 10 Bentley cars with pictures of Galaxy Tab 2 will be running around HCI to catch people's attention. Then for the next few days lucky draws will be held in every Samsung retail store in HCI, customers who buy Galaxy Tab 2 get a chance to win a trip to Korea, Samsung mobile phones and other electronic devices. Samsung plans to advertise Galaxy Tab 2 as online banner on various popular websites, on TV commercials, magazines and billboards. Samsung also uses celebrity brand endorsers, Mr.. Bin Mini and Ms.

Than Hang, to promote the product and to change consumer perception. Furthermore, Samsung intends to have brand endorsers from Korea, Dong Bang Shin Gig and You-An Kim, to hold autograph sessions at Vinson Centre and Diamond Plaza. Samsung is planning to have autograph session not only to increase customer awareness but also to promote the tablet. In the period 3, Samsung is aiming to sponsor Than Hang to have music video and also from 8 February to 8 March a festival called Where the love begins' will be held to encourage more customers to purchase the product.

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