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Imc- Communication Plan for Aer Lingus

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Table of Contents Introduction & Scenario We have been given an assignment about Aer Lingus. Our task is to develop an integrated marketing communication campaign for Aer Lingus. The assignment should focus to deliver the following Objectives: “To revitalize the declining Aer Lingus brand in order to increase airline travel in the Irish market” Following Question shell been answer; Segmentation, targeting and positioning Strategy to be defined for the IMC Campaign. Advertising must be chosen with two other promotional tools.

Contemporary and Traditional promotional tools that you will use to achieve this objective and the rationale behind selecting these tools. You must discuss the relationship of the promotional tools selected to the hierarchy of Effects model. The media vehicles that you would select to effectively influence your target market. Linking Marketing Communication Tools to Response stages. When we chose our segment and target groups we tried to exploit Aer Lingus real position at the airline market. Aer Lingus position at the moment is between, low fare company Ryanair and BMI, SAS (Hoovers, 2010).

Younger people and students nearly almost chose Ryan Air because of the low price. In the last couple of years it has been showed that the competition from Ryanair is too tough for Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus Group Plc will stop trying to undercut larger Irish rival Ryanair Holdings Plc and offer enhancements including better food and faster check-in times to customers willing to pay more, according Rothwell & Fahy, 2010. Then you have the older people, who have more money. For the most they choose airlines that can offer them even better standards and services.

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They may also have families and choose different alternatives. That’s why we chose two target groups between 24-35 years. They work, have an income and come from the same generation. They fit into Aer Lingus concept to offer very good service at a smart price, according The Post, 2007. Our goals with the campaign will be: {draw:frame} Our campaign is more about to establish Aer Lingus as a brand and to show the benefits derived from their products. To make people think and feel about the company in a good way. In a long term view we think that these measures will increase all areas of Aer Lingus business. . 2 Aer Lingus Aer Lingus was founded by the Irish government in April 1936. They are the second biggest Airline Company in Ireland after their main competitors Ryan Air. The headquarter is based in Dublin Airport and they are serving Europe, Northern Africa and North America. Aer Lingus is a Low Fare Airline company, but according to themselves, they offer better service and more comfortable travelling. Their main competitors besides Ryan Air are BMI, Easy Jet and City Jet. The last two are also Low Fare Airline Companies (Aer Lingus limited. 2001-2009).

Question 1 2. 1 Segmentation and Target Group “_Marketing segmentation and the identification of a target group is a very important step in a business opportunity analysis. With the tough competition that exists today, business cannot reach everyone. A more focused and audience- centered approach is necessary. A market can be segmented in many ways, and the segmentation will change when costumers reason for purchase change”. (Wright, R. 2000). _ According to us, Aer Lingus most central issue today is that they are relatively unknown at the market.

They need to separate from the other airlines and focus on their own segment and target group and communicate right to them. People do not know what the company stand for today. Aer Lingus business concept is to offer cheep flights but still keep good standard and service. Aer Lingus is not a very well- established brand today and the industry for flight is broad. That`s why we have chosen a broad segment; people in the age 24-35. They are working and have a steady income. Our segment is from the same generation; they bond together, think in the same way and have similar experience from life.

This makes it much easier to reach them and influence them. Our concept will be to attract the chosen target groups. We have chosen two target groups to focus on. *Profile Target Group/Customer* 1: Age: 23-30 Income: 15 000- 25 000 Gender: Male/ Female Profession: Workers Education: Uneducated and Low Educated Family Size: Family of two or three Homeowner: Apartment Marital Status: Not married *Profile Target Group/Customer* 2: Age: 31-35 Income: 26 000- 38 000 Gender: Male/ Female Profession: Workers or people who are in the beginning of their careers Education: Uneducated or Low Educated

Family Size: Family of three or four Homeowner: Yes (House) Marital Status: Yes/ No Our target groups are in the same generation, have the same interest and think similar. The reason why we have chosen two types of target customers is because when people reach their early thirties, their perspective of life can somewhat change. They might have children and get promoted in their careers. We believe that our target groups are the kind of people who are willing to pay extra, compared to Ryan Air, to get faster to their end destination and have a more smooth and comfortable flight with good service.

The fact that Aer Lingus fly to more central locations make the journey shorter and more comfortable. {text:list-item} Positioning can be made in different ways. The most effective way is to use one approach; otherwise the costumer can get confused. One common tactic is to contrast the company? s product against competitors_. (_Clow & Baack. 2010_). _We consider that the tactic who is defined above is one Aer Lingus can use. They should establish a position through showing the costumers that they have better service and quality that e. g.

Ryan air and that they are cheaper than e. g. SAS and BMI. 3. Question 2 3. 1 Promotional Tools 3. 1. 1 Advertising “_The essence of an integrated marketing communications program is designing messages that effectively reach the target audience. They are designed to change or shape attitudes. They should lead to some kind of short- or long- term action”. (Clow & Baack. 2010). _ When it comes to advertising we recommend that Aer Lingus choose communications objectives. It’s very important for both the company and our target groups that they decide and send out the right message.

Two types of advertising that will help Aer Lingus to succeed are Informative advertising and Persuasive advertising. Informative advertising will describe the product, available services and the benefits of Aer Lingus and it also build up the company’s image. The second one, Persuasive advertising will help Aer Lingus to build brand preferences and change customer’s perceptions of product attribute (Kotler, P. 2005). This advertising will suit Aer Lingus. We think that this type of advertising will not only give our target groups a clear picture about the product, but also the show the benefits by flying with Aer Lingus.

Another advantage for our customers is that this kind of advertising changes their view of Aer Lingus and hopefully give Aer Lingus better brand preferences. When it comes to message strategies we recommend Aer Lingus to use Cognitive Ads to fulfill their goals against their target customers. The two message strategies that will suit Aer Lingus best are Generic and Comparative message strategies. Generic are the direct promotion of the products benefits. By using this kind of message you give knowledge about the product/service and show the positive features about it.

The other alternative is Comparative message strategy; Aer Lingus should use this strategy to compare themselves in a good way against competitors (Clow & Baack. 2010). This will give our customers even more information about the company, their positioning and their image. All these factors are very important for the customer before they choose which product/service they should go with. The media tools we recommend Aer Lingus to use are; Internet, TV and different type of newspapers. Internet has a big impact on our target groups; all of them know computers and are using the Internet daily.

Internet also has a high reach and high frequency. In Aer Lingus case, to reach the customers through the Internet with offers and information should be very effective. In 2004 travelling was the top cyber shopping category by far (52. 4 Billion Dollars) according to License 7, No. 10, 2004. That shows the impact and the power of the Internet as a tool. TV advertising will give the Aer Lingus brand a “better face” because of the emotions you can reach through TV ads. For Aer Lingus to use sounds, motion and senses into their ads will be very effective on people.

The last one, Newspaper is very good for Aer Lingus because of the high believability. To mix that with good publicity will be very effective against the company’s targets groups. We think that this mix will establish and increase Aer Lingus brand and image, but also give the customers knowledge about the company and the product (More specific information about media tools and vehicles in question 3). Conclusion; Cognitive Strategies will give our customers more awareness and knowledge about the company, brand and product. These two variables are our main goals to mediate to the customers.

By mediate this to our target groups; they will hopefully change their attitude and feelings about the product/service. In a long term action it will increase Aer Lingus business and establish their brand. This through the media channels that suits Aer Lingus, but most importantly their customers. 3. 1. 2 Public Relations and Publicity “_Public Relations building good relations with the company`s various publics by obtaining favourable publicity, building up a good corporate image and handling off unfavourable rumours , stories and events”. (Kotler, Phil. 2005). {draw:frame} Public Relation and good publicity are good in many ways. We believe that Aer Lingus will established their brand/image by using this promotional tool and that our target group will take notice about the company in a positive way. In the last couple of years Aer Lingus has been in economic troubles and the publicity has been bad. The customers have turned them down (Business Week. 2006-2010). To establish their brand and build up a new image, they will get their customers back. Aer Lingus have to: All these three subjects are very important to develop for Aer Lingus as a company.

To make sure that the internal communication is good and that the staff knows what Aer Lingus stand for is a very important. The stuff has to know what the customers expect when they are flying with Aer Lingus. An advantage for the company by using this tool in an economic perspective is that getting good publicity in e. g. newspapers and business papers are free. Our target groups most perceive Aer Lingus as an Airline company with cheap prices, but most of all with good service and good comfort for the price. We want to get that message out throw e. g. newspapers so people get interested and positive about Aer Lingus as a brand.

A good worth of mouth and a good repetition will help to catch our target group’s interest. Aer Lingus will reach this goals throw: {draw:frame} (Kotler, et al. 2005). Other activities we recommend Aer Lingus tu use to creating positive image, awareness and knowledge about the company throw this promotion tool should be sponsorship (e. g. sport), supporting events and charity. This type of activities could be use as Cause- Related Marketing. It has been proved that Cause- Related Marketing has a very strong effect on people and it’s also a tool to create a stronger brand and brand loyalty. {draw:frame} (Clow & Baack. 2010)

Public relations have a strong impact on public awareness and gives knowledge about the company to the customer (Armstrong, G. 2005). When you create good publicity and activities, people can link their knowledge about the company and in the end prefer (get a good feeling about) the brand or the product/Service. In the end hopefully the customers are that convinced to test or buy the Product/ Service. In our campaign we use Public Relations not only as a promotional tool, but also like a “tactic” tool. To push out information and good things about the company/ product, will make the other promotional tools more effective. text:list-item} “_Direct marketing brings the market directly into the home or office of an individual buyer instead of the buyer having to go to the market. Direct marketing techniques can be used to move buyers through various stages of the buying process”. (Smith & Taylor. 2002). _ Direct mail is the most common and one of the most successful direct marketing tools. To make good results by doing direct mailing, it’s of great significance for the company to have a high quality and relevant mailing list (Smith & Taylor. 2002). The list we think Aer Lingus should use, is the Compiled list.

This mailing list provides information about a specific customer profile. In Aer Lingus case, it’s a way to communicate with both current customers and target groups. To send out information about the company, prices offers and keep your customers/ target groups up to date about positive things that happen around the company. This is an easy way to get your customers closer to you, that they all the time get new knowledge’s about the Aer Lingus brand. In a long term aspect, we also think that the customers will get better preferences about the company and that Aer Lingus will increase their sales online.

Question 3 4. 1 Media Tools and Vehicles Aer Lingus first priority is to increase people’s awareness and knowledge of their brand. To do this they have to make sure that the target audience sees the brand as much as possible. This message needs to be delivered through all marketing channels. We think that the most effective media to use for Aer Lingus are internet, TV and newspapers. 4. 2 Internet The using of internet has become a natural thing for many people, it is access on personal computers and through telephone services. Internet especially attracts young people.

Our target groups are very influenced of internet and use it many times every day. It is of great significance for Aer Lingus that they develop their internet marketing for future success. A huge benefit for Aer Linguas with using internet marketing is that they reach their target audience all over the world. This, naturally, is very important for an airline. Our target groups are in that age (24-35) when internet has had a big impact on their life’s for a couple of years. To meet friends, communicate with people all over the world, read newspapers/magazines and buy things (online shopping) are natural for our target audience.

People use internet because it’s easy, comfortable and you get what you looking for very quick. For our target customer’s internet is a way to keep themselves up to date with everything that happens around them. Online advertising can be made in four different ways, banner ads, classified ads, search advertising and media/video ads. We think that Aer Lingus goals with internet marketing should be as we mentioned before, to give the company`s target groups awareness and knowledge of the bran and make them notice the benefits of the Aer Lingus product.

Banner ads are a very good tool to use in many occasions. 2007 banner ads was the third biggest interactive tactic online, according to Jaffee, L, 2007. We think that banner ads at websites such as Facebook , Twitter, Ebay, different travel/sport magazines and newspapers will get high impact on our target audience, because they visit this types of websites several times a week. Some in the target groups visit same internet sites several times every day. It is also very significant that Aer Linguas expand banners that, in the best possible way, catch the website visitor’s attention.

They should use banners that really remind people of the brand, e. g. use the green “Aer Lingus shamrock”. The banner should in one way or another tell something about the company, product or the benefits by travelling with Aer Lingus. When our target groups start to think about going away, or just want to dream away, we are convinced that the first thing they do is to visit Google and search for trips. Therefore, it is important for Aer Lingus to also have their advertising on search engines. In that way the costumer look for Aer Lingus and not the other way round.

To be on top when people search on Google it is very important and we think Aer Lingus should put a little bit of their money to make sure that they are well positioned on Google. At the same time that online advertising has become more and more common people have become more immune to the advertising. People have “learned” to click- through and just not see it. That is one reason that it is significant that Aer Lingus also develop other market channels. Again, Aer Lingus needs to be seen often. Studies have also showed that traditional advertising such as TV, Magazines and Radio inspire people, according to Smith, 2002. . 3 Television TV has a huge impact on most of people. TV has good mass- market coverage and combines of sight, sound and motion (Armstrong, G. 2005). Other advantages with TV advertising are the low cost per contact and the quality creative opportunities (Clow & Baack, 2010). We think that Aer Lingus should take advantage of the creative opportunities to make an ad that people notice and with a good message theme. The ad should either say something about Aer Lingus as a company and brand or have a slogan that shows the product benefits.

Here again we think Aer Lingus can use the shamrock to present themselves, but also to get the potential customer attention. For Aer Lingus to reach the right target groups and get out much attention as possible from TV ads, we think that they should do commercial connected to sports, travels and some lifestyle programs. We also think that our target audience will see and respond positively when they feel that Aer Lingus is connected with some of their interests. Another thing that will give Aer Lingus good publicity is to through TV sponsor special events. Such as concerts and big sport events.

For Aer Lingus to be connected in this kind of contexts will give their company an image boost. 4. 4 Newspapers The last media tool Aer Lingus should use is the newspaper. A lot of people still read newspapers. We think that the mix between good publicity and ads in some of the big daily newspapers e. g. Irish Post, Irish Independent will give Aer Lingus much higher reliability. To reach the target groups and build a good image is important that the people believe in the company. The ads in the newspaper should only focus on the benefits by flying with Aer Lingus and the price.

By showing the benefits compare to the low price, will distance Aer Lingus from Ryan Air. To be seeing in bigger daily newspapers will also give a good worth of mouse and a growing reputation. Aer Lingus should first of all try to get out in the Irish and British newspapers with their ads. It’s always much more effective by starting with influence your “own people”, according to Kotler, 2005. Question 4 To date Aer Lingus is a company that has a lot of problems. The internal and external communication does not work and that lead to that the customers do not know what the company stands for. Aer Lingus brand and image are deeply damage.

With our “campaign”, we think that Aer Lingus will increase the business, get a good hype around their brand and showing the benefits by travelling with the company. Under here we try to denounce and show the possibly responses to the communication tools that we chosen. 5. 1 Promotional Tools Public Relation; we think that this tool is one of the most important tools for Aer Lingus. First of all if they get a better internal communication, that will lead to a better and more service minded staff. When the stuff knows what’s expected of them the service going to be better and the costumers get satisfied.

If Aer Lingus get good publicity the target audience will take good notice about the company and their brand/image will be better. Through publicity the customers also gets knowledge about the company and the product. This is the two very important steps in the buyer process. We think also that the Cause-Related Marketing will lead to that people/ our target customer will prefer Aer Lingus. Cause-Related Marketing will also give the Aer Lingus brand a boost. Direct Marketing; By using this tool, we think that Aer Lingus will come closer to their customers and target groups.

By using a specific demographic mail list to connect the target audience, will give the potential customer a chance to know the product and the benefit about travelling with Aer Lingus. Whit this type of marketing Aer Lingus can give their Potential customers offers and price information. We think that in a long term view this tool will help the company to increase their business. Advertising; By using advertising that inform the target groups about the company and the product people will get to know what Aer Lingus as a brand stand for. This will give the company a higher reliability and a better image.

Aer Lingus must also use advertising that brings the best out of their service and shows the benefits by travelling with the company. The message strategy will be to show the benefits about the product and distance themselves from the competitor. We thing that our target groups will get a better overall knowledge about the company and hopefully see the benefits of the product. We think by using this strategies will increase their business. 5. 2 Media tools and vehicles Media tools we have chosen is online advertising (Internet), TV and Newspapers. This is a good mix.

Trough Internet Aer Lingus increase the awareness by the target audience. They will see the brand o lot, both conscious and unconscious. This gives Aer Lingus a better position, people will have Aer Lingus brand in their minds when they thinking about traveling. By advertising in TV Aer Lingus can communicate their message better, with colors, pictures and information they will develop their position. People will not only recognized the brand, they will also get knowledge of the company’s concept, and get good feelings when they think of the company and brand.

By doing ads on Internet and TV Aer Lingus can show the benefits of the product in a advantageous way. By using booth those creative media tools, will have a big impact on our target groups. By using newspapers as a tool, we think that the customer will see the ad and connect it with reliability, it’s important for the company after the last year’s bad publicity. In the paper you can also form a ad that will give the potential customer knowledge about the company, product and brand. When Aer Lingus succeed with attract the chosen target group a good circle will be formed.

The brand gets bigger which will lead to that more and more people chose to go with them. Bibliography 6. 1 Books Clow, E, K, Baack, D. Integrated Advertising, Promotion, And Marketing Communication, 4th edt. 2010. Pearson Education, New Jersey, USA. Wright, R. Advertising. 2000. Pearson Education Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland. Kotler, P, Wong, V, Saunders, J, Armstrong, G. Principles Of Marketing, 4th edt. 2005. Pearson Education Limited, Essex, England. Smith, P, R, Taylor, J. Marketing Communications An Intergrated Approach, 3rd edt. 2002. Kogan Page Limited, London, England. 6. Electronic Sources Rothwell & Fahy. _“Aer Lingus Switches to Imitating EasyJet, Not Ryanair. ”. Business Week. Com . January 26, 2010. Available: _ http://www. businessweek. com/news/2010-01-26/aer-lingus-drops-ryanair-strategy-in-effort-to-imitate-easyjet. html_ _ Aer Lingus Limited. 2001-2009. Available: http://www. aerlingus. com/cgi-bin/obel01im1Corporate/mediaCorpProfile. jsp? BV_SessionID=@@@@2017366715. 1271288108@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccddadekefljdmhcefecfigdffgdfkl. 0&P_OID=-536880294&Category=0#history The Post. _“Aer Lingus plan to build Tesco-like image”__. _ThePost. ie.

September 30, 2007. Available: http://archives. tcm. ie/ businesspost/2007/09/30/story26973. asp Business Week, Bloomberg L. P. 2006-2010. Available: http://search. businessweek. com/Search? searchTerm=aer+lingus&resultsPerPage=20 License 7, No. 10. “Cyber Shopping”. P. 12. November, 2004. Available: Clow, K, E, Baack, D. Intergrated Advertising, Promotion And Marketing Communications, 4th edt. 2010. P. 268. Jaffee, L. “Follow The Money”. Promo 20, No. 11. P. 5-10. November, 2007. Hoover`s, Inc, 2010. Available: http://www. hoovers. com/aer-lingus-group-plc/--ID__91296--/freeuk-co-factsheet. xhtml

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