Important Facts about Hybrid Cars: Practical Solution to Rising Greenhouse Gas Levels

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Facts about Hybrid Cars: Some important facts about hybrid cars:- Hybrid vehicles are a practical solution to the rising greenhouse gas levels and may still be some time till these cars are introduced into the market. Auto Makers like Honda and Toyota have taken initiatives to improve on the existing Hybrid technology by inventing cleaner engines that also give more mileage. A Hybrid vehicle is one which uses an electric motor to provide additional power along with the conventional internal combustion engine. They have a special mechanism that is capable of recharging the batteries without being plugged in.

They can also be charged by the gas-engine if need be. As a result, the gas engines can be a little smaller as there is an additional power supply for its aid. The advantage is that the gasoline engine can then be quite small, since power is obtained from not one but two sources. When the car comes to a sustained stop, the gas engine shuts down saving fuel. When the car is ready to accelerate, the electric motor kicks in till the time the gasoline engine can resume on its Job. Hybrid Subs may be the alternative to those gas-guzzling, pocket- ripping Subs which could manage very little mileage.

EPA mileage estimates about 33 MPEG as city/highway average. The Toyota Pries is estimated to give an average of 55 MPEG. Apparently, it has a better mileage in city conditions rather than the highway. That's because the battery pack comes into use more frequently in city conditions than on the highway. Advantages of Hybrid car: Hybrids combine clean energy of the electrical motor with the power of the gas- powered engine which results into lower emissions and better mileage. Thanks to the ever improving technology, hybrids perform at par with the normal gas-powered vehicles, if not better. Hybrids are reliable and comfortable as any traditional car ND they have a tax benefits(only till 2006). There are purchase incentives for Hybrid vehicle owners (varies by state). Hybrids are much cleaner cars than normal vehicles with lesser CO and other greenhouse gas emissions. Hybrids provide a better mileage. The future for hybrids looks bright with rapid developments in hybrid technology to improve engine efficiency. Due to the Regenerative Braking technology, the batteries need not be charged by an external source. Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars: Hybrid cars, though useful, have some disadvantages.

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The point to be noted here is that the advantages far exceed the disadvantages. High cost: hybrids cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 more their non-Hybrid versions. More weight due to battery packs. Some states charge additional fees for registration. In the event of an unfortunate accident, there is a risk of exposure to high voltage wires. They have a complicated system which needs to be taken care of by experienced mechanics only. Spare parts maybe hard to find and may be costly. Usually, hybrids have a lower acceleration than that their normal counterparts.

The hybrid car can be considered to be the car of the millennium. This is a very environment friendly car that hardly produces any combustion at all. This is a car that basically runs on two sources of energy; one being a fuel, and another a battery. With the presence of two sources of energy to the hybrid car, there is obviously a lower requirement of fuel in the car. This is because most of the driving is managed with the energy the battery provides. The battery provides sufficient energy for the driver to use the car for its normal uses of transportation.

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