What Is the Greenhouse Efect

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* What is the greenhouse effect, and how does it work? The greenhouse effect is when the short wave lengths of visible light from the son pass through a transparent medium. They are then absorbed but the longer wavelengths of the infrared re-radiation from the heated objects are unable to pass through that medium. The Greenhouse Effect is when there are various gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and even water vapor that traps the sun's energy, or heat, inside.

When unable to escape the atmosphere the added solar energy results in warmer air temperature, just like the glass in a greenhouse traps the energy from the sun and keeps your plants warm. Some greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are a good thing. It keeps the earth from freezing. Too much causes excessive temperatures and stronger storms. Also not all the greenhouse gas that we emit to the atmosphere stays there indefinitely. For example the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and the amount of CO2 dissolved in surface waters of the oceans stay in equilibrium, because the air and water mix well at the sea surface.

Thus when we add more CO2 to the atmosphere, a proportion of it dissolves in the ocean. * What are the main greenhouse gases? The main greenhouse gases are as followed carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and fluorinated gases. Fluorinated gases are by far the most important greenhouse gases because of their strength or global warming potential. * What is the present level of atmospheric carbon dioxide? Why has carbon dioxide concentration risen since 1860? As of December 2012 our current atmospheric carbon dioxide level is at 394. 39ppm. There are several reasons the concentration has risen since 1860.

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Burning of coal, oil, and natural gas releases about 6 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year worldwide. Also logging and burning of the natural forest contributes upwards of 2 billion tons annually since the trees are no longer able to store the carbon dioxide there for reducing the amount of carbon in the air. Over the same time period, agricultural and industrial practices have also substantially increased the levels of other potent greenhouse gases -- methane concentrations have doubled and nitrous oxide levels have risen by about 15 percent. What are some predicted environmental damages if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced? When there is too much CO2 being admitted into our environment from burning fossil fuels, and cars. Add that to the fact that we are cutting down trees for paper - it is imbalanced and now it has started to catch up with us with global warming. Because these gases are trapped in our atmosphere, they have more time to collect heat from our atmosphere and the sun - thus making our climate increase in heat. This then triggers ice caps to melt and floods to occur.

It also increases the risk for forest fires, Pole ward shift of temperate species, increase death due to illness from the heat. Also possible environmental damages are increased exposure to infectious diseases such as malaria or dengue and respiratory disorders because of the interactions with pollutants. * In your analysis, how certain do we need to be about future predictions before acting on this problem? Based on the information I have gathered global warming is an issue that needs to be taken very seriously because it could severely impact the future of earth as we know it.

It is also important to be sure about our future predictions because a wrong move or a wrong prediction could make the global warming issue worse. We do however need to start moving forward to try and solve the global warming issue. References hyperphysics. phy-astr. gsu. edu/hbase/thermo/grnhse. html www. whatsyourimpact. eu. org/main-greenhouse-gases. php clinton5. nara. gov/Initiatives/Climate/greenhouse. html Done by Melissa McRoberts

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