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Human Resources Essay Example

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The Human Resource professional is the vital link of all levels in the organization. In this most important role in the organization he acts as partner, champion and mentor in the attainment of corporate objectives in order for the business to succeed. The HR department must align with and support the objectives and strategies of the Executive and the other departments. The inputs of the HRD are crucial in the development and implementation of corporate business plans. In a business, the human capital is its most important asset.

The HRD is at the forefront in building up the human capital or the people-side of the business. In order to do that, HRD must: create an environment that will attract people to want to be a part of the organization, hire and keep those who have the potential to add value to the organization through their talents and skills,  ensure the implementation of fair policies, equitable programs and just regulations, encourage continuous improvement and global competence through skills re- training or enhancement, and provide inclusive recreational programs that extend to their families.

With these the HRD helps create a totally productive, competitive, and highly motivated workforce. The HRD institutes a work culture that breeds growth, team-building, and sensitivity to customer needs, through empowerment. This is where the HR professional will bridge the gaps by initiating measures to help employees set their own goals to align with those of their department all the way up to the corporate goals. HRD assists in all areas where employees may encounter some difficulties in meeting goals.

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Through constant communication in all levels of the organization, HRD is able to monitor individual and team progress in the achievement of goals and effectiveness of initiatives. Business these days is no longer confined to a family, community or industry. It had already taken a global playing field. This gives the HRD the additional challenge of staying and running strong in the competition. It is incumbent for HRD to review goals and processes so the necessary change must be done.

Once identified HRD must champion the change process and manage the culture change. With globalization, companies must be flexible, adaptable and ready to change course at the snap of the fingers. HR makes that possible through its varied roles in the organization as key partner, employee champion and change agent. Its most important role is to assume all three hats in one.


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