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Human Resources Essay Sample

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The Human Resources department at Tesco deals with staff and how they are treated. There are many different aspects to this function. The three main topics that the human resource function deals with are recruitment, training and disciplinary. The Human Resource function at Tesco aims to recruit staff that is most suitable for the different positions within Tesco. The recruitment function is important because Tesco have to make sure that they have the right people who are working in their business in order for it to be a huge success. The people at the Human Resource department have to work extremely hard in order to find the right people for the jobs by advertising the placements in local newspapers and then interviewing possible candidates for the job.

The first step is for human resources to identify the vacancy which needs filling in within Tesco. The second step is for the human resource function to write a person specification which will contain what skills and qualifications they are looking for in a certain person. The human resources function at Tesco look for a number of things in candidates such as skills, knowledge and experience. The third step is for them to produce a job description of what the employee has to do when working in that position or placement.

The next step is to advertise the vacancy for the job which could be putting adverts in local newspapers. The fifth step is for human resources to send out application forms to all the people who are interested in the job. The next step is to wait and receive completed applications from people who are interested in filling in the position. The next step is to shortlist all possible candidates for the job placement and then to interview the short listed people. The next step is to select the best candidate for the job and who they feel are capable for the placement. The final step is to enable the person with a job offer by sending them a letter or contract which they will agree to.

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Once the human resource department have selected the right candidates for different positions within their organization they have to start developing their individual abilities and talents by sending them on training courses where are taught new skills so they are experienced at the position that they are filling in at Tesco. This could be something as important as being a store manager or even being something as simple as a shelf stacker.

Retention is the process of retaining staff in at Tesco by keeping them happy. Rewarding or praising staff may help them stay at the organization if they are bored or unhappy at what they are doing. Some managers give their employees promotion to a higher position if they feel that they are capable of doing the job. This will keep staff pleased if they feel they are important within the business. Tesco is one of the biggest organizations in the world and take on a massive number of employees, keeping every single one happy can be tough.

Managers make sure that their staff participates in training so that they will make the employees feel valued. Induction training is when people show them around their workplace so they are familiar with the area where they will be working. Induction training is used so that the employee feels comfortable with the surroundings. The employee learns what to do in important situations incase an emergency occurred. On the job training is while the employee learns while they work. This is a benefit to the employees as they get to learn while in a real life situation. However, one of the disadvantages of on the job training is the fact that the employee may feel under pressure. When an employee takes part in off the job training they will learn how to use new equipment. They may also learn health and safety rules and instructions.

One of the most difficult tasks that a manager at Tesco has to do is to be able to discipline their staff. This may be while the staff are taking part in their training course or possibly even explained by the store manager when they first interview them. Customer Service Tesco have a customer service department at 200 of their stores across the United Kingdom. The customer service staff are permitted to welcome customers to the store, be friendly and a familiar face, answer any of their customers questions and to assist customers in any way they can. They have been trained specially to help all of the customers. They are also required to wear a different uniform than the other members of staff so that customers can easily spot them in store to help answer customers' queries.

Customers who shop at Tesco expect their staff there to be friendly and polite when buying a product or receiving a service. The staff are trained how to treat customers and how they should act if a customer gets out of control or angry. This is basic information that all the staff are taught when taking part in their training courses. As part of the set-up, the staff is required to wear uniform. Staff also has to have a good attitude; if they don't then it is extremely possible that the customer will take his or her business elsewhere if they feel that they are not being treated properly. Being treated properly is what you are paying for in a service or product at is part of the price.

Customers expect a quick and efficient service. They also expect their goods to be in safe hands and also in good condition. When customers enter one of Tesco's stores, they expect them store to look extremely clean and tidy. This is important because if their stores are clean and well organized then customers are likely to purchase products from them whereas if the store was dirty and in a terrible state then customers may decide to buy elsewhere as their maybe other stores selling the same product but in a clean and friendly environment. The fact that Tesco supply trolleys to their customers is a big advantage because if customers use a trolley when walking around the store then they may be forced to add more products into their trolley because they have more space to put items.

The way Tesco deal with their customers' complaints is very important as they have to try and keep all the customers happy and content. If staff treat customers badly when they are trying to refund products then customers will feel angry and may not shop at Tesco ever again, however, this may not be the case as some customers may feel that only individual members of staff have the wrong attitude and may know that other staff are polite and may continue to shop there.

Tesco offer help in each of their departments. For example, if you want a particular loaf sliced, then customers can let a member of staff know and they will have it do in minutes. Another example is that Tesco allow customers to try food before they buy. Assistants at all Tesco stores will be happy to let customers taste a free sample before they decide to buy.


The financial accounting department at Tesco deals with all the money that comes and goes out of the business and will control revenue and will send off money to pay for all bills. One of the main sectors in the finance department is financial accounting. Tesco have to pay money to suppliers or manufacturers for products and goods. Tesco will buy most products in bulk because they are such a big organization and need to supply products to all of their stores throughout the United Kingdom.

The financial accounting department will buy products from big manufacturers such as Cadbury because the more products they buy from them, the more money they will save because they are buying straight from the organization that produce the product and are not buying chocolate bars from the nearest newsagents to one of their stores because it will be more expensive because the product has been passed on through a chain. Cadbury's may sell boxes of their chocolate bars to a wholesaler such as Costco, corner shops will then buy chocolate from them. Then newsagents and corner shops will then sell the product to customers. More money will be added the product the further it flows through the chain in order for each business to make a profit.

Tesco will be extremely concerned about the amount of money that is going in and out of the business. They do not want to be losing money if it can be avoided, just like any other organization would be. They make sure that all information regarding finance is stored on documents so that they can check all information if needed. At all of Tesco's stores, employees will take money from the cash registers and will carry it to a room within the store where people will count the money to make sure that the right amount of money is there. They will then bank their money by storing it in vaults and will then transfer it from security vans to banks.

Management accounting is concerned with the use of accounting information to all managers within Tesco to ensure that they make the right business decisions that would allow them to be better equipped in their management and control functions. Management accounting information is used within Tesco typically for decision making and financial strategies and is usually confidential. They will be looking to plan ahead for the future of Tesco. They also handle and take care of any issues regarding shares within Tesco. The management accounting function will take care of any information concerning labour, land and equipment such as machinery. They also take care of Tesco's capital outlay which is the expenditure in which they have to pay for new buildings, building renovation, equipment, vehicles and land rent.

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