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Human: Atmosphere and Earth

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Human have been damaging on the Earth for thousands of years. In fact, human activity has big influence on the Earth. Some people believe that the Earth is being damaged by human activity. In my opinion, I really believe that the human is damaging the Earth. There are three main ways to damages the Earth from human activity are deforestation , poisonous gases , and it makes pollute the environment. First, a human activity that damages the Earth is deforestation. Deforestation destroys a huge area of forest every year.

The world forests could completely disappear in a hundred years by human activities. Furthermore , deforestation also cause the loss of plants and animals then lead some of them to extinction. This activity have made many negative effects to the environment and our the Earth.. Second, People living has produced a huge of poisonous gases. These gases are released by cars, factories , industrial , and etc. They cloud destroy ozone layer ,which could create a phenomenon called “the green house effect”.

The green house effect cause the temperature of the Earth increases . As a result, the ice in the North and South thaw and cause the water level becomes higher. This is one of the worst effects of human activities that damage the Earth. Third, human activities have polluted the environment very much on the Earth. People have built many factories to develop modern industry. These factories have released many toxic materials into the rivers, the soil, and the sea. The industry have killed many of plants, animals, and fishes.

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Human: Atmosphere and Earth

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This activities have damaged the Earth too much. In conclusion, the human activities have made many negative effects on the Earth. There are three ways that I show to damages the Earth by human activities ; deforestation could decrease many types of plants and animals , poisonous gases could destroy ozone layer and could create the green house effect , and human activities have polluted the environment by industries . People could make the Earth become a better place to live in the future by themselves.

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